Queen is England's Styx?

February 2, 2017

That's true, at least according to Dennis DeYoung of Styx anyway. He posted on Facebook, "Styx released their first single, 'Best Thing,' in June 1972, while Queen's first release was one year later, in July 1973... Both bands had white guys singing way too high against a combination of pop, prog and rock with the piano as an important element. Both had theatrical elements to their stage show and we each had a flare for the dramatic... Both Queen and Styx were bands whose music was all over the map. So hence the comparisons. Queen fans will gladly proclaim Styx sucks by comparison, while Styx fans will happily invite the similarities. We have nicer fans." 

Don't get me wrong, I like both bands and a lot of their music, but Dennis DeYoung must be getting to that age where just because he thinks it, it's true. While there are similarities, anyone who tries to compare themselves to Freddie Mercury is just plain delusional. No matter how good you are or think you are, you'll never be that good. Ever.