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New Heart Collection

January 20, 2017

Ann Wilson of Heart says that choosing London for Heart's new live album and DVD/Blu-ray was a perfect fit for her and sister Nancy. Heart's latest live collection, Live At The Royal Albert Hall with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, is out now. Ann told Ultimate Classic Rock, "We wanted to go to England and play in Britain, because we haven’t been there for some years. But we wanted to do it in some kind of special way, not just go up and down the country doing the typical shows. When (the opportunity to play Royal Albert Hall) came around, it just worked out great, and it was special for everybody. . . I think all of the people who were working on that end of it were really professional and they were good and careful. It turned out great -- it sounds good and it looks good. But it doesn’t look too worked over. It looks like it really looked."

Wilson, who's getting ready for another set of solo dates coming up, also talked in the article about Heart's next studio album: "At this point, I think we’re just writing. The process is just getting ideas and just writing and then as you go along with that, you start getting bigger ideas on how they could be brought out. We’re rolled back to just having come off the road, a situation that means complete sacrifice from everything. That’s touring -- we toured (this past year) and the year before and the year before, so we’re really kind of just calling in new ideas right now. . . . We’re just taking a break right now from it all. We’ll be coming back with fresh things."

Ann Wilson says she's confident that the band's fans are open to see them go down and experiment with new creative paths: "I think that artists are just people, and once you go over the same old ground enough times, you just wanna stray off on a tributary a little bit. Hopefully it's something that really does represent you, so that people will recognize you enough to give you a chance (laughs). I think it's really important for artists to lead the way and to, at least, give people a chance to hear something new. We're not just going over the same ground endlessly (laughs). It's gotta be new."