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The Future Tommy Mule

Rock Life Story - 11-23-16

November 23, 2016

Dateline - Saturday November 19th, 2016 - Kenner Louisiana. I'd like you to meet today's Rock Life Subject and what we can expect Tommy Mule to turn into in the next few years - 78 year old Robert Scott. Trust me...when you hear this story, it's got Tommy Mule written all over it.

Well, old Bob was hanging around the Doubletree this past Saturday where apparently, there was a seminar for aspiring models going on. So far, that's a pretty sound strategy - go where the ladies are. So there Bob is and from the story I can't tell if Bob is just delusional (again, see Tommy Mule) about how much women want him or he just doesn't care and was going for the gusto. And when a 29 year old woman caught his eye walking out of the aspiring model seminar, Bob had to think, time to go for the gusto! And he did.

Bob asked the aspiring 29 yr old model out. She said she had a boyfriend. But Bob was undeterred - so he quickly came up with another plan - how would the young lady feel about a "sugar daddy" arrangement where he'd take care of her? The aspiring model, while still be polite, declined that offer as well.

Bob was down to his last play - and much like Tommy Mule,  must have thought to himself, what's the worst that can happen? So - Bob brought out the big guns and went for the Hail Mary pass, (no pun intended) and asked her if all that was out, would she want to get a little ranch dressing in her "Hidden Valley"? That was when the woman stopped being so polite to Bob and told him to get out of her face. Bob is not a man who handles rejection well, apparently; according to police he's alleged to have unfastened his buckle and dropped his pants and underwear to the ground, introducing the victim to his not-so-super moon.  But since, you know, he's 78, his junk dangled down enough that she caught a look at that too. And yet somehow she STILL wasn't interested. Bob was promptly arrested for obscenity and bail was set at 5 thousand dollars. 

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