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Def Leppard’s Phil Collen Credits Mutt Lange For Bands Sound

January 24, 2017

Def Leppard is getting ready to go back on the road this summer with Poison and Tesla, and guitarist Phil Collen is jumping back on the interview trail to help support the show. In recents interviews he shines a spotlight on how one of the biggest bands of the '80s were able to travel the globe as conquering hometown heroes. He gave a lot of credit to the band's well known producer Mutt Lange; for creating a sound that was "borderless." Phill Collen - "Mutt Lange really helped us do that. We always wanted the sound to be international and achieve global success. I can’t put really put my finger on it exactly but bands from the 80's, like U2, INXS, and Def Leppard always sounded international. You couldn’t tell that we were from England because we all sing with American accents. Rock, pop, and the blues are an American art form. I only figured this out a few years ago as to why I sing like an American but speak like a Brit? I realized that I learned from Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder or second hand from Mick Jagger and John Lennon as they both had American inflections."

Collen talked about how the band seems to connects so fiercely with their fans: "We have all been fans of someone out there. I was just in Japan and got to play with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Jimmy was giving me insight on how to play a part on guitar. It was so phenomenal, I was such a fanboy! I was trying to keep it in check and playing it really cool on the outside but on the inside was like WOW! There a bit of respect and experience that supersedes a lot of things like that. If that can happen to me than I can accept someone might be a fanboy around me. Sometimes it okay and other times it clearly isn’t like when its gets to the stalking point. People do funny things when there's 'celebrity' involved -- even if they actually don't even get to meet the celebrity. People do weird things around YouTube stars -- let alone anything else. So, you can imagine, someone who's selling out quicker than Michael Jackson, you attract a certain kind of demographic."

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