Joe McBane, Crowley, Jamie Brewer, Chad Villnow

Course of the Week - Timber Ridge Golf Club

May 9, 2016

This week's course - Timber Ridge Golf Club.

It's one of Rochester's newest golf courses, located in Brockport just 20 minutes from Rochester and 10 minutes from the West Side. This is one of Rochester's hidden gems for golfers, and it’s ready to play. The grounds have been extensively re-worked, the fairways are freshly groomed and the course is in great shape. I'm not talking great shape for May either. I'm talking great shape - period. The fairways are full and lush...but then so is the rough, so be careful. And the greens...the greens are smaller and they are fast. If you don't watch your tempo, you could putt right off the green. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything (two...ok maybe three times...before I learned my lesson). But, the ball sticks. Hit a flop shot on the approach and if your aim is good, you're set.
Timber Ridge is a great golf course where, as the club manager Tom Mulka said to me, "...what you see is what you get." And he was right on. It's not pretentious or pompous in any way. The people are super friendly and down to earth. And that carries over to the feel on the course. This has got to be one of the, if not thee best values in Rochester golf. $28 dollars with a cart for 18 holes. And a large bucket of balls for the range, just $5 bucks. This is a serious value and you get every penny's worth and more out of the round.
There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, but there aren’t any "gimmick" holes, so if you're worried about holes that are overly complicated - don't be. Want to work on your game? There are plenty of risk/reward opportunities, but if you just want to have a relaxing game or work on your fundamentals, you'll have no problems there either. I meant what I said before, to me, this is one of Rochester's hidden gems for golfers. It’s a great value at $28 dollars for 18 holes with a cart, and the great course conditions are fantastic.  This is a course I think every golfer should play.