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Wednesday 10-19-16

October 19, 2016

* The Rolling Stones had to cancel their show for tonight (October 19) in Las Vegas; Mick Jagger "has come down with laryngitis and has been advised by doctors to rest his voice," according to their web site. The post says The Stones hope to reschedule the show.

* KISS kissing their AFL team goodbye? Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons may be folding their L.A. KISS team in the Arena Football League, according to the executive director of the league's Players Union. The AFL this week has had teams in Orlando and Portland shut down, while two others are moving to the rival Indoor Football League. KISS has made no comment about the report.

* A new documentary, "Billy Gibbons and the BFGS Got to Cuba," about the group's trip to the 2015 Havana Jazz Festival, will premiere November 30 in Los Angeles and be released on home video shortly thereafter.

* Forty-three years ago today (October 19) the Who released "Quadrophenia," its second full-length rock opera.