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Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera

March 13, 2017

Roger Waters was at the World Premiere of 'Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera' in Montreal on Saturday - and the show got two standing ovations. One, before anything even happened on stage; it was announced that Roger was in attendance. The second, at the conclusion of the show.

Which is interesting for a couple of reasons - first, because it was almost 40 years ago that Roger got into a row with a concertgoer in Montreal and allegedly spat in the fan's face. And two, because of that incident, the shame and embarrassment he felt after the whole thing inspired him to write, The Wall. 

But if you're thinking this might be a show you want to see...maybe...and maybe not. I say that because, according to Rolling Stone "The bad news is that it is not Pink Floyd's The Wall. The good news is that it's not Pink Floyd's The Wall – and it's barely Roger Waters'." Get the whole scoop HERE