Gorilla at the Zoo

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A 4 yr-old falls into a Gorilla Exhibit at a zoo

May 31, 2016

A four-year-old boy fell into a gorilla habitat at the Cincinnati Zoo this past Saturday, and the gorilla had to be shot and killed. The boy was in there with the gorilla for about ten minutes.  At some points it looked like the gorilla was trying to protect him.  But they had to shoot it because it was dragging the boy around by the leg, in about a foot of water.

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A lot of people are debating about whether it was the right thing to do or not; should they have killed the gorilla, did the zoo do the right thing, etc.? And what it really comes down to is there weren't many choices...and all of them sucked. Here's the Cincinnati Zoo Director talking about the decision to kill the gorilla.  (The gorilla's name was Harambe, and he was 17 years old.  There's been some protesting over his death, and a petition to hold the boy's parents responsible.) 

Cincinnati Zoo Director Talks About Having to Kill Harambe the Gorilla

This is a case where no one could possible win - too many variables were at play, If you try to play the blame game, Everybody screwed up. Mom, for losing track of her kid. The Zoo for having openings big enough for a kid to fit through. But, the Zoo had to put the Gorilla down. A tranquilizer may not have done the job. 

And the thing is, this is just ANOTHER example of why I believe Ohio to be the 7th ring of Hell. This is the second incident in two years of a child getting into an animal enclosure. Last year, we even talked about this on the show, in 2015 there was a two year old who fell into a Cheetah enclosure. (Story Here) You don't hear about this kind of thing happening in other Zoo's around the world. Only in Ohio....sooner or later you'll believe me...Ohio is the 7th Ring of Hell.