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Hi-ho Silver! AWAY!

As Jim Morrison said, This is the End. This is the end of an least for me. This is the end of something that started 7 1/2 years ago and never would have imagined that it would have grown into what it has. But's over. Well, it's almost over. Tomorrow, May 31st 2017, 7 years, 4... Read More

Rochester's Own Lou Gramm Adds Dates

Original Foreigner lead vocalist & local Rochester rock icon Lou Gramm added some tour dates for the last half of the year - stretching his run of shows through to the end of October. Earlier this year, Lou announced that he will be joining Foreigner co-founder Mick Jones on at least one date... Read More

Stevie Nicks On Skipping Fleetwood Mac Sessions

Stevie Nicks doesn't have a single regret about not taking part Fleetwood Mac's recent recording sessions (which BTW will be released as a joint Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie project, called Buckingham McVie) Nicks, who jumped back into her solo work after the band's last trip out on the... Read More

Pearl Jam Drummer To Skip Rock Hall Induction

The other day I shared a tweet of a handwritten note from Pearl Jam to all their former drummers, inviting them to the RRHOF induction April 7th (see below) - turns out, one of the former drummers can't make it. Matt Chamberlain, who played with PJ back in '91 and was in the video for "Alive," said... Read More

"Of Potato Heads and Polaroids"

Pearl Jam's Mike McCready is getting ready to publish his first book, May 30th of this year. "Of Potato Heads and Polaroids" is the title, and will cover Pearl Jam's two decades of touring in pictures McCready took with his Polaroid. It's a picture book with a twist; a walk down memory lane for... Read More

Jimmy Page - The Beginning

Jimmy Page has been rummaging around in his tape vaults, and pulled out some material that he's going to self-release. It will be his very first production through his website. In 1961, five years before he joined The Yardbirds, and seven years before he started Led Zeppelin, Page produced an album... Read More

Sammy Hagar on VH; No Way! Well, Maybe.

Sammy Hagar is in Austin this week for SXSW (South By Southwest) and of course he's doing interviews. And whenever interviews come along, you know he's going to be asked about Van Halen. Especially when, at least in the social media world, he and Eddie Van Halen exchanged pleasantries on Eddie's... Read More

'SNL' Rocks the 25 Greatest Musical Performances?

One of the great things about music is, it's all very personal. What's great to one person might not be to someone else; it's all arguable. And if you love music, you probably love debating music with other music lovers. That's one of the reasons I enjoy seeing things like this list from Rolling... Read More

Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera

Roger Waters was at the World Premiere of 'Another Brick in the Wall: The Opera' in Montreal on Saturday - and the show got two standing ovations. One, before anything even happened on stage; it was announced that Roger was in attendance. The second, at the conclusion of the show. Which is... Read More