You Said It - 08/12

August 12, 2018

The NFL preaseason is officially underway, and the Buffalo Bills got back to game action on Thursday against the Carolina Panthers.

In addition, we continue to inch closer to the start of the 2018-19 Buffalo Sabres season, which starts in just under two months.

While the bulk of the heavy sports action in Buffalo has yet to get underway, there has been plenty to talk about on the air and online.

Here are some of the best takes from the week that was from you, our loyal listeners!



- I mean, Wayne Gretzky did get traded 30 years ago this past week.


Flip flops with pants:

- We'll leave that one right here....


Why Skinner really chose the Sabres:

- We wouldn't rule this out!


What's shooting a 77 at Deleware Golf Course like?:

- Sounds easy, but pull ups are never easy.


No. 15:

Didn’t they get the memo that Eichel is 9 now, not 15?

— VIII (@_BOCEMb) August 6, 2018

- Guess the NHL Network didn't get the memo...



- Somebody should dub Jeremy's "wheeee!" over the pig. Classic commercial, though.


Sneaky Joe's other self:

- Our sources are searching to confirm this.


Josh Allen > Uncle Rico

- We're awaiting Uncle Rico's response...


Pledge failures:

Lasts about as long as my New Years resolutions.

— Justin Dillingham (@JDKillingham) August 9, 2018

- We've all been there before...


Peterman = #BUST:

- Guessing he doesn't own a Peterman jersey....


No patience for Allen:

- Good analysis after one game.


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