Wood: "You don't really notice the cold as a player"

December 11, 2017

Eric Wood has been in Buffalo a long time, but he's rarely, if ever, played a game in his life with as much snow as there was on Sunday against the Colts. With the win the Bills are at 7-6, and Wood is 3 and maybe 2 wins away from seeing his first playoff appearance. 

Wood made his regular Buffalo Football Monday appearance with Mike Schopp and the Bulldog. Here's some of the best from his time with the guys. 

On the worst part of Sunday's weather:
"The biggest concern we had coming into the game was wind. We're kind of going through scenarios that we don't talk about normally. Then we get out there for pregame warmups and there was heaps of snow."

On playing with that much snow:
"It was just wild, we were having conversations that we never have during a game like should we try to run the ball through the deep part of the snow so that they can't adjust well?"

On what the Colts thought of the conditions:
"The only interaction I had with one of them about the conditions was that their heated benches weren't working. It was fun about 5% of the time. Most of it was hectic."

On seeing through the snow:
"There was times as we cleared the field right before the game, I looked back to see what the receivers were going to be going through in terms of visibility. Anyone flying a plane over that game was in for a challenge."

You can hear the entire segment with Eric Wood below.