Wood: "I wanted to stand either way, have a lot of respect for other people's opinions

September 25, 2017

  Eric Wood made his regular Buffalo Football Monday appearance on Schopp and the Bulldog following Sunday's win over the Denver Broncos. Wood and the Bills offense put up 26 points on what's considered to be one of the league's best defenses. As big of a story as the game was, just as big was the anthem protests before games across the NFL. Many Bills knelt for the anthem, and all players interlocked arms. 

Here are some of the best quotes from Wood's visit:

On the President's comments on NFL players, and the Bills meeting:
"A lot of guys were upset Saturday by the President's comments, Lorenzo was instrumental and owners decided to have a meeting. We decided that we wanted to stand all together, unified, guys have different opinions"

More on the anthem protests:
"Nobody on the team wanted to disrespect the military anyway, it was about social issues and inequality. I wanted to stand either way, but I have a lot of respect for other people's opinions. 

Regarding the diverse locker room: 
We have guys of every different race, religion, everything, but we come together for a common cause, ultimately we have one goal."

On the team win over the Broncos:
"We were confident yesterday, I went into the game expecting to win. We're talented, we play together, we're tough, guys are reliable."

You can hear Wood's entire interview below: