Wood - "I feel like our ceiling is higher than it was last year"

October 23, 2017

After a thrilling 30-27 win over Tampa Bay on Sunday, Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood joined Schopp and the Bulldog for his weekly segment discussing the win and getting to a 4-2 record. 

Last season, the Bills had the same record after 6 games, but Wood was asked if it feels different or more optimistic sitting at 4-2 this season, "Yea, it does. It's hard to describe, but I think we're playing better this year." Wood added, "Our defense is playing extremely well, we had a much better day on offense yeasterday, but we have a lot of areas to grow. I feel like our ceiling is higher" 

Wood lost his shoe during the game, which cost the team a timeout. Wood attempted to get the shoe swapped out before the next play, "So I lost my shoe, but my shoe was still double knotted and tied pretty tight. I've got my big lineman gloves on and I'm trying to get it untied and I can't. Tyrod tries to get it untied, he can't quick enough. So I go to run off... and it was a big fiasco and, ultimately, I should have just taken a knee. Not fake an injury, but according to the rules, I physically was unable to play the next play. So, I should have taken a knee and stopped play but we ended up burning a timeout." Part of the confusion was that Wood's backup, Ryan Groy, was already in as an extra lineman on the play, "The biggest issue was Groy was coming in as a blocking tight end, so they would've needed Dion (Dawkins) to come out to go to blocking tight end and Groy go to center... it was just a big mess." 

After the news of Cleveland Browns tackle Joe Thomas tearing his triceps, Wood reflected on how offensive linemen pride themselves on playing every snap of a football game, "I go into a game and just assume it's going to be 100 percent of the snaps." Wood added his respect for Thomas, who started played over 10,000 consecutive snaps, "As far as Joe Thomas, definitely a Hall of Fame career for him. Not only did he play ove 10,000 consecutive snaps, he was arguably the best offensive lineman in football. In a small market on a losing team most of the time, a very bright spot for that franchise... It's crazy to me that a tricep injury ended up being the one that got him, with linemen you just always assume lower body injuries because there's always people falling around our legs." 

At the end of the first half, where the Bills offense messed up an opportunity to tack on additional points, Wood knew that the offense couldn't get to down after that error, "When we came in at halftime, some guys were grumbling about it. But, yesterday had the feel of one of those games where we were moving the ball so well on offense. We only scored 10 points in the first half, but I really felt we were roll in the second half. We were able to put up 20 more points. It had one of those feels, I thought we were going to get a ton more on the ground in the second half, we were going to roll them over." 

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