Win or lose: This one’s for Kyle

January 6, 2018

What an incredible few days it’s been for the Bills Mafia.

Buffalo Bills fans have spent the better part of a week making travel plans, driving up game day ticket prices on secondary markets and buying out the City of Jacksonville’s folding table supply. The Bills are back!

But win or lose come Sunday, Bills fans and the City of Buffalo have already won going away.

Bills football has reclaimed its spot on top of the Buffalo sports pyramid. In 17 years, the City has cycled through being a hockey town then a lacrosse town then back to being a hockey town all while shelving its love for the Bills until they figured things out.

It sure did take a lot longer than many of us had thought or anticipated but the drought is finally over and it couldn’t have happened to a more likable team.

The videos that surfaced following the Bills win over the Dolphins from the locker room have gone viral. NFL Network, ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, and even Barstool Sports have shown the eye watering moment between Kyle Williams and Sean McDermott hugging after realizing they’d be making the playoffs for the first time in Kyle Williams career.

This was for Kyle. A player who’s embodies everything that makes Buffalo such a special place to live. The Bills don’t need a win Sunday to cement themselves in the hearts of Bills Mafia for the rest of time. Kyle and this entire 2017 Bills team will forever be the team remembered for breaking the longest drought in professional sports, but I believe they should be remembered as the team with more heart than talent.

The 2017 Bills showed the true power of belief and coaching. It starts, for me, with Sean McDermott. Everyone will talk about the offseason trades of Sammy Watkins and the in-season trade of Marcel Dareus and point to a team tanking.

McDermott and this team made fools of people, like me, suggesting the Browns would be better than the Bills this season.

I've been saying this all offseason and people have killed me for it. They'll have more wins than the Bills in '17

— Nate Geary (@NateGearyWGR) August 23, 2017

I for one have never been happier to be so wrong.

Enjoy the ride, Bills fans. Cheers to this feeling and hoping it lasts long into the future.