That was, wait for it, kind of easy

September 16, 2019

It’s only been a couple of weeks, so maybe whisper it to your Buffalo Bills fan friends, but the Bills might just be good.

Maybe the New York Jets are bad and the New York Giants are worse, so there’s always that.

After sweeping a pair of road games in New Jersey to start the 2019 season, the Bills stand 2-0 with the Cincinnati Bengals headed to Buffalo for the home opener this coming Sunday. There isn’t anything the Bills can do about the quality of their opponents these first two weeks. What you can control is how you play, and the Bills were impressive in beating the Giants.

It didn’t start that way, funny enough. The Giants took the opening kickoff 75 yards on just five plays with Saquon Barkley easily finding a lot of room, eventually scoring on a 27-yard run to give New York an early 7-0 lead.

The rest of the first half was all Bills from there as they put together three long scoring drives. How long, you ask? How’s about 75, 70 and 98-yard drives? The Bills turned their early 7-0 deficit into a 21-7 lead and, dare I say, coasted home.

Ok, maybe coasted is a little strong. The Bills' offense took the third quarter off, leaving the game available to the Giants if they could muster up some points. They finally did that on a long drive that made it a seven-point game early in the fourth quarter.

So finally, needing to re-establish their control of the game, the Bills' offense kicked back into gear with a long drive of their own that stalled out at the Giants' three-yard line and, what looked to be, a field goal to increase the lead to 10. But the Giants committed a personal foul penalty on the Stephen Hauschka attempt, giving the Bills a fresh set of downs at the Giants' goal line. Frank Gore punched it in, the Bills had their 14-point lead back in place and that coasting thing from earlier still looks pretty good.

So here we sit, two weeks in and the Bills are 2-0. The defense, while giving up some yards to the Giants, has done an admirable, as expected, sort of job. By that, I mean if you went into the season like most Bills fans, expecting the defense to be good, that’s what you’ve seen so far.

As for the offense, well they’ve yet to play an entire strong game. They were sloppy in the first half in the opener, then finished strong against the Jets. In this game, the Bills started fast in building a 21-7 lead at halftime. They sagged quite a bit in the third quarter, but once the Giants pressed them by closing to within a touchdown, they put together a fourth long scoring drive and put the game away.

Maybe the most surprising aspect of the 2-0 start for the offense is the way the Bills are getting their touchdowns. Six touchdown drives on the season so far and they’ve all come on drives of 70 yards or more, including a 98-yard drive Sunday against the Giants.

That is not how I expected an offense quarterbacked by Josh Allen to get their points. Through these two games Allen has completed 64% of his passes. Yes, there have been some big gains through the air, but mostly, the passing game has been efficient and relatively short. No lightning strike plays to offset the off target passes, mainly because there have been fewer off target throws than there were last season.

That is absolutely encouraging.

Bring on the Bengals.