March 3, 2018



1.) @DaveBrick18 - If you had to rank the quarterbacks you want what would it be? Also what would you be willing to give up to get your top guy?

I’m due to re-establish my rankings here so I’m glad you asked this. Can I cop out a little bit and separate the quarterbacks into tiers?

Tier One - Rosen, Mayfield, Jackson

These are the three that would excite me to no end. Each of the three of them does something spectacularly. 

Rosen might have the best NFL mind when it comes to understanding defenses. Rosen strikes me as the kind of guy that will demand that his coach be good enough for him. I hope he goes to a team worthy of the talent and willing to build around him.

Mayfield, like Rosen, will be polarizing but perhaps for different reasons. Whether you care about the height, or the attitude, he is supremely accurate. 

Jackson, another polarizer, is an electrifying playmaker. He’s so on the run, that it’s apparently a bad thing to some evaluators. They haven’t seen many prospects that do BOTH so well in an awful long time, and it seems like for whatever reason they knock the passing. If Jackson didn’t run at all, he’d still be a great passing prospect.

Tier Two - Darnold

He’s got a lot to like. I remain convinced that the Bills will love his makeup.


Tier Three - Allen and Rudolph and… sure Kyle Lauletta

I need the Bills to take a quarterback. I don’t know who is going to be good. I only know who I would be excited about and who I’d warm up to. Maybe Allen is an amazing NFL quarterback, but right now… not an exciting idea for me. I’m prepared to be wrong on all seven of these guys, but if we’re just going on what I’d like… that’s how it shakes out.

What would I give up? I'm torn between the reality that these projections are hard to make, so I'd stay at 21 and take a chance... and the reality that the likelihood for success is slightly higher for guys taken earlier.

Best way for me to answer it is... I'm not really afraid of any cost. The Bills haven't made a move like this yet, and all these holes keep poppingup and getting filled. More holes, more players. More holes. More players. The quarterback has been missing. The holes will always be there.


2.) @TannerDave - Is Rosen a smoke screen?

If it is, it’s working… a little bit. I’ve said a few times “I won’t believe the Bills are interested in Josh Rosen until I see him holding up the jersey.” That said again, Rosen is doing a hell of a job on the image makeover. He’s a smart kid that I would love the Bills to draft. Is it a smokescreen? I hope not.  

Brandon Beane has said that they’ll see him at his pro day, and that they’ll bring Rosen in for a visit. Let’s play this out… why would the Bills want other teams to think they want a guy that they can’t get? Is there really a benefit to pretending to like Rosen?  

I think the smokescreen stuff is a tad overrated unless you’re a team at the top trying to drive up the price on a spot. Most of it feels like poker players patting themselves on the back for how good they are at playing the game. But that’s the thing… if everyone knows that anything can be a smokescreen, then it isn’t really all that effective. Especially for teams that have to make big moves for a player anyway.


3.)  Nicole Becker (@Crazy4OReilly90) - Out of the quarterback prospects (draft or free agent), who do you think fits the best for the Bills?

This is a great question and raises a few more:

What kind of offense are they going to run?

When do we meet/hear from the new offensive coordinator about what they want to do?

How much input does the offensive coordinator get in picking?

This upcoming quarterback decision is a massive, franchise-changer. So who decides which quarterback they take? Ok, it’s Brandon Beane. Did he already know which guy he wanted before adding Brian Daboll to the staff?  

Last year, the team hired an offensive coordinator that was a glaringly bad fit for the starting quarterback. This year, they hired an offensive coordinator that’s….. very much a mystery. He’s coached on the NFL level with middling quarterbacks, and with limited success. He coached at Alabama, and they always win. He coached with the Patriots and… ya know.

I just don’t know what to expect yet, and as soon as the Bills are ready to tell us, or have Daboll tell us, that’d be great.

No concerns yet… just curiosities.


4.) R.J. (@them_bills) - Who’s your favorite player in the NFL that is not a Bill or a quarterback?

Chris Long


5.) @btsdesigns - Casey Mittelstadt could be done with his college season Saturday. Does he make a decision about turning pro this week?

Little birdie (my Sabres deep throat Twitter guy) has told me the Sabres are likely to offer Mittelstadt a Werenski deal. That’s an AHL professional try-out followed by a three-year deal with an NHL guarantee Year 1.

The sooner he’s on board, the better. And while some may think that turning pro after one year would be too much of a rush… I don’t. It’d be a nice thing to see him with the Amerks to see how the skill translates.  


6.) Todd A (@T2193A) - Casey Nelson is a UFA after this year. Chances he stays with Sabres and at what cost?

Let’s hope so. Nelson is a small bright spot on the blue line and they need help there so desperately. I don't think it'll be too expensive, but you might have to convince him that things here are going to get better, and fast.


7.)  RustBeltVersion (@RustBeltVersion) - Top-5 non sports NES games of all time?

In no particular order…

Ninja Gaiden - I got to the final boss here, and that was back in the age of not being able to just quickly google how to beat him. I think, if memory serves, I never actually beat this game. It’s one of the unfinished chapters of my life. Pains me to this day.

River City Ransom - An updated version of this would crush it. Hopefully the Switch re-releases a bunch of games like this.

Contra - Everyone knows the code.  

Duck Tales! - You forgot you loved it, didn’t you?

Super Mario 3 - It’s like The Godfather. It’s featured in that movie The Wizard which I might have seen 25 times.

(No one asked but Secret of Mana on SNES was insanely good too)


8.) Brayton J. Wilson (@BJWilsonWGR) - Did #WinterStormHoward pack more of a punch than you first thought?

Boy did it. I had to make the drive out here to Springfield, Massachusetts to join Niagara for their playoff series. It’s a 371 mile drive and there was significant snow to deal with for about 300 of those miles. I watched a double tractor trailer (what do we call those?) fish-tail off the road and take out some construction signs. The guy actually swung it back and kept it on the road and continued on. It made me wonder how often that happens.

I saw an overturned truck… cars all over the place. I thought that once I got past Rochester I’d be good to go. I was wrong. The stretch from Syracuse to Albany was a BEAST.  


9.) Bryce Bacon (@BryceBacon1) - Will Seattle also be substantially better than the Sabres?

Depends on one very important thing: Will Seattle name their team the Kraken? If so, then they’ll always be worse than the Sabres. The Seattle Kraken would be, far and away, the absolute worst name choice in the history of sports. It’d be dumber than the Mighty Ducks and Raptors, who wanted to seize on popular movies of the time. It’d be worse than the Lakers and Jazz, named in previous cities, and carried on through time. 

We would be Liam Neeson-ed to death.  

You don't want your team to be a meme :

Kraken is a minor league baseball team name. It's an ECHL team name. The Huntsville Havoc should be playing against The Kraken.

For the love of God, Seattle... Do not release the Kraken.


10. Nick Terry (@nterry0923) - What inanimate object do you wish you could eliminate from the world, forever?

Assault rifles. Ah… I’ll keep it lighter here and say… Instant replay monitors.