The Quaran-Tweetbag!

April 29, 2020

Hey gang. How's everyone holding up out there?

Times are tough, and certainly much tougher for some more than others. Maybe our show has helped you think about things that aren't that important, or just been something to take you away from the daily reminder of the really important stuff. Whatever it is to you, if you're joining us for even a few minutes, thank you.  

On what to say about all this? I have a million things to write, but nothing feels like it comes out the way I want it to. I'll type, and delete, and re-type, and delete again. So, I suppose I will just say whatever version of this world that you're in right now, it's getting better. Or that it will get better.  

If you're here at this website, you're someone that connects with this station and other sports fans. The other night, watching the Buffalo Bills' collapse against the Dallas Cowboys, I had a blast. I thought back to that night, perhaps the worst Bills loss I've ever attended. It was an incredible chokejob from a head coach of a franchise mired in mediocrity. A franchise that did not have a long-term plan to stay in the area had forgettable season after forgettable season. The only thing we have to remember from those times, are the crazy losses. There were so many ordinary losses that they just blended together. The big nutty ones I can look back on now and laugh.

That Dallas game was hilarious. Laugh out loud stupid. And the other night, watching the game, seeing the names, reading the tweets, hearing the stories, I was reminded that the memory of a bad event was a little brighter knowing that we went through that, as Bills fans, together.

Our lives are upside down right now, and the sports world is somewhat of at a stand-still. Maybe we see games without fans. There's so much uncertainty that it can be overwhelming at times. The only thing that is certain is that when sports comes back, we'll be together again. And while distancing remains the order of the day, that it helps remember that we're still together now.

Stay safe.

To the tweets!


Is there a worse football game you could imagine being played during this than 07 Bills Cowboys MNF?

— Ted Joerg (@TedJoergEsq) April 28, 2020

Yes, and no. That game was awful, but it was funny. The Bills had no business leading that game. I don't think showing it was bad. I loved it. Now the Leodis McKelvin game is a different story. Played well on the road, leading comfortably, and what amounts to a freak accident kills them. That one is probably the worst.


Playing golf under safe measures... does your score deserve an asterisk for cups being raised? If so, what is a reasonable amount to add on to your score?

— @jgpat11's brosiah (@brosiah_jgpat11) April 28, 2020

Ok, from the makers of the "Gallery Rule", where you can drop without penalty if all members of your group have determined that the ball should be somewhere in the area, and in play, and that the only reason you can't find it is because you don't have a gallery watching you. Then there's the "Surprise Water Rule", where you are allowed to drop without penalty at the edge of a body of water or tributary stream if you had a shot go into the hazard, but had no prior knowledge that it was a part of the course.

Now comes the quarantine rules:

  • If it hits the flag at all, that's in.
  • Take two strokes off your score at the end of the round. Just do it. We're all stressed.

Talk about what you're going to do if someone gets a hole-in-one. Be ready not to jump around and hug. Really, talk it out on those Par-3s.


Can we keep this direct shipping thing we've got going with NY breweries when all is said and done?

— Pete Schaub (@SilentOne_77) April 28, 2020

I sure hope so. However, does anyone else feel that little inner struggle through this whole thing? If you can order beer and have it delivered, you're helping businesses stay afloat. But there's also the built-in guilt of, "Should I be doing more?" or is that just me? I feel like I go back-and-forth between feeling that, "Hey, you lazy loser, you don't need to order beer" and "I'm a hero to my favorite businesses and must contribute to keep them going!" I get it, we're supposed to stay home, and flattening that curve is the cat's pajamas. When this is over, we'll head back to those breweries and patios, right? I suppose it should be up to the breweries on what they'd like to do. If they want to keep it in house, they can. If they want to deliver, hopefully they can.  


You have been doing sports jerseys saturdays for about a month now . What a response .. and minus the Saturday mayor Thurmon Thomas ... what was one jersey that really stuck our to you that you had to go buy

— chris (@Ckriegs88) April 28, 2020

Thurman has been crushing the #SportsJerseySaturday game. I can't say that I can rank the best, but I love the jerseys that end up being busts. I think there's a good story to be taken away from the bad jersey decision. The guy that tweeted out the Shaone Morrison jersey and had a story about it. If you have a Ville Leino jersey, or a Bills' Shawne Merriman jersey, I think that's really cool. Buying a jersey before a player has established the purchase as "worthy" tells the world that you're willing to believe in things. And this week, I think I'll do just that. I'll be showcasing my biggest #bust jersey.


With all of these replays of heartbreaking Bills and Sabres games, what is the most heartbreaking sporting event you’ve been to live? And / or what was the most exciting?

My most exciting - Cuse vs Duke in the Dome in 2014 to be the number 1 seed my freshman year.

— Mitch (@UncleOrtonBlog) April 28, 2020

Game 5 of the 2007 Sabres-Senators Eastern Conference Final is way up there. I sat in my seat as the building emptied. I was one of the last people in the arena. Just sat there until an usher came and asked that we leave.  

Syracuse-Tennessee from the 1998 college football season. Tee Martin led the Volunteers to the National Title that year, and it started with a fourth down pass interference call against Will Allen. An absolutely incredible, edge-of-your-seat game at the Dome went to the Volunteers. Syracuse, at that time, was a good team. They were a perennial force in the Big East, and if they win that game, do they go on to compete for a national title? No, because they finished 8-4. But, at the time, they were a ranked team, hosting a top-10 opponent, and it would have been fun to start 1-0. The next week, Donovan McNabb and company went up to "The Big House" and blew the doors off 13th-ranked Michigan. Had that pass interference call gone the other way, 'Cuse starts 3-0 with two wins over ranked opponents before going to North Carolina State.

Oh, and also an honorable mention to Game 2 of the Sabres-Bruins Eastern Conference Quarterfinals in 2010 when Johnny Boychuk broke Thomas Vanek's ankle. That was cool, remember?


For the Sabres how much of the bad vibes and environment melt away if they start winning? The Bills cleaned house in seemingly similar chaotic state (granted no pandemic) and it worked better long term.

— craig maz (@CraigMaz1) April 28, 2020


In each of the last two miserable seasons, they had 10-game stretches where we saw that. Winning changes it. Nothing else.


What’s your ranking of top dynasty RBs for the rookie draft this year

— Alex Davis (@_ADavis15) April 28, 2020

Ok, I've got to claim "Smokescreen Season" because I have the third and fourth picks in the League of Schopps and Dreams rookie and free agent draft. So... top pick should be, uh, that dude in the seventh round. He's gonna light the league up. Yeah, that's it.

I think there are tiers, really. I'd say Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Jonathan Taylor are the top tier, and after that things get interesting. J.K. Dobbins is more interesting because he's going to the Baltimore Ravens. D'Andre Swift of the Detroit Lions is tough to gauge because anything with that team is generally doomed to fail. The Lions only rushed for seven touchdowns last year, and I'm not sure what to think about how it went for them. The injury to Kerryon Johnson was... good? Johnson averaged 3.6 yards per-carry, but the Lions fed him the ball 113 times in eight games. Double that number for a full season and he's still about 15th in carries. Will they commit to Swift as the lead back? He's got the talent for that, but it's the Lions, you know?

I wonder how high Zack Moss goes in fantasy drafts. Devin Singletary's production was very good last year, and any time the Bills commit to a running back, you know you'll get your money's worth, right? Ke'Shawn Vaughn in Tampa is a fun idea. After those top-two, it opens up quite a bit.  

Great to be picking third and fourth, eh?


What’s your quarantine “go-to” for a quick snack/lunch?


Was this always the case or was this recently discovered during Isolation?

— Jimmy Callaghan (@Callytops) April 28, 2020

I've got two things making a major comeback: Tunafish sandwiches and Ramen noodles. Don't get me wrong, I'm not living like 19-year-old me lived through college, but in a pinch, they're easy and get the job done. Also, buying both in bulk isn't shunned. Ramen noodles will outlast civilization.

I'd also like to throw a shoutout to hummus. How about hummus, amirite? Is it good for you? Are we having veggies or pretzels or both? Feels like hummus has come a long way in the last 20 years.  


Does Josh Allen throw for over 300yds this season? If so, how many games does he do it? If he is unable to do so, do you think the #GoBills will/should move on from him?

— scOOT (@scOOT594) April 28, 2020

(This is all assuming there's a regular regular season)

Without a doubt he does it this year. Maybe 2-3 times. It's a totally normal NFL occurence that has somehow not happened here. The next step is to prepare for it happening and the deluge, "Well there it is, is everyone happy now?!" reaction that will inevitably come. 300 yards isn't a crowning achievemet. A lack of 300-yard games is an oddity. If he doesn't have any, that won't make a case for moving on, but it will continue to be very strange.


Home argument. PBJ should be cut diagonally and not straight across like my wife does. She clearly was raised by wolves.

— Chris Hutchings (@hutch_chris) April 28, 2020

All sandwiches look and taste better on a diagonal cut.


If you could focus all your energy to master one skill while on quarantine, what would it be? P

— JThrill (@PassOffPads) April 28, 2020

I'd like to continue to get better at guitar. A few years back, I bought a couple, and dabbled a bit. I played a few instruments through high school, but now the focus is guitar. I'm working away daily as time allows. Getting better. Hoping to prove my Zoom instructor right. He says having giant fat sausage fingers does not matter. Time will tell.


My friends and I did a chip aisle draft, one friend took tortilla chips and we allowed that to include any size or shape tortilla chip, another friend took pretzels, and we angrily made him choose a shape...fair??

— Andria Janese (@anj828)">April 28, 2020

No way. Pretzels are pretzels.


Thoughts on FIFA wanting to expand subs from 3 to 5 in all matches? I like the idea personally.

— Chris Hutchings (@hutch_chris) April 28, 2020

Only has to pass one test for me: Does it enhance the product?


I’m all in on JA.. with that being said, does the Bill’s drafting Fromm open up another controversy similar to the Johnson/flutie QB controversy?

— AIR_GGD3 (Bills Mafia) (@IceInVeins3) April 28, 2020

That'll be up to Josh Allen. We had a brief Jeff Tuel affair, and there was the Nathan Peterman gambit too. A quarterback controversy is most often driven by the lack of a quality quarterback.

When I think back to the Bills making the Peterman switch, I was excited. Yes, I was. Now wait, I was not excited because I thought Peterman was any good. None of us had any way to know if he was any good or not. What we had was the Bills telling us that he deserved a shot. Peterman didn't outplay Tom Brady in training camp and practice, it was Tyrod Taylor. Taylor had his success here and was most definitely submarined by the organization as they set to move in a different direction, but that's all fair game. The team is trying to get better? Good. Peterman didn't work, duh. But the moment and the bigger story was the Bills on that day were acknowledging that they needed to find better at the position, and would turn over every rock to find any possible solution. Smartest time to do it? Probably not, but they survived it and made the playoffs with Taylor.

For Fromm? You'll only hear his name if Allen isn't doing his part. Allen has a huge head start, and all the weapons he could possibly ask for. There's only a budding quarterback controversy if Allen doesn't pull his weight. The Bills are all in on Allen too, and the controversy only starts once there's reason to bail on that.


LeBron or Jordan?

— Todd Dillerson (@dostres2324) April 28, 2020

If I could buy a special time machine ticket to attend one game, to see the player in his prime, I would choose Michael Jordan. Now that might be because seeing LeBron James has been something we can do for the last decade plus, but I would bet my answer would be the same in 10 more years, and 20 more too. If picking one game to watch, it's Jordan for me.


Whonis your favorite character in Ozark and why? Also will Vedvik beat out Bojorquez as Bills punter?

— Jack Wanders On ---- (@Jack_WanderS) April 28, 2020

Probably Ruth?

I will say that the character I liked the most (*****SPOILER ALERT*****) was gone after Season 1. Del. That guy deserved to stay around longer as the bad guy. I love Ozark, but it did one thing that I generally can't stand - killing off a bad guy too quick. They Darth Maul-ed him. Wait I was just getting to know that guy, and he's potentially a great bad guy, and... oh ok. That's over.


Does it make more sense for Bills fans to root for or against the Buccaneers?

— Brennan (@brcooper23) April 28, 2020

I would say that one should always cheer for the thing that will make the New England Patriots look bad.  


Thanks to all involved!