Sean McDermott mum on starting quarterback

November 20, 2017

Sean McDermott shocked many in the football world, and especially here in Buffalo when he announced that 5th round rookie Nathan Peterman would make his first career start against the Los Angeles Chargers. It could not have backfired more for McDermott. Peterman had a historically bad first half, throwing 5 interceptions on just 14 attempts. McDermott would not name a starting quarterback in his postgame press conference or Monday press conference for next weeks game at the Kansas City Chiefs. 

McDermott made his regular Buffalo Bills Football Monday appearance with Schopp and the Bulldog. Here's some of the best from his time on the air. 

On if Peterman was actually as bad as his statline:
"Yeah I get it, 5 interceptions, but you have to drill down on it and say why did it happen? Really who was at fault, so I can evaluate more thoroughly and accurately."

On what still has to be done before making a QB decision:
"To make a decision based off my feeling after the game wouldn't be responsible on my part in doing my job and doing things the right way for this team. I'm going to look at the film, still going through that part, and the communication process as well."

On winning now vs. future:
"There's a bigger picture, and a bigger vision, a grander vision in place and in play here. That's what we drive towards everyday and that's what I'm excited for us moving forward."

On waiting to announce the starting QB:
"There's a lot to be gained competitively, strategically from not stating who our starting quarterback could or couldn't be so we'll just take it one day at a time."

You can hear the entire segment with McDermott below.