Sal's Tweet Stack

February 9, 2017

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports


I haven’t posted a Tweet Stack in a while, but here are some things you’ve tweeted me and my responses to comments and questions.


That’s highly unlikely, Kevin.  The team usually does not do that.  They typically make the assistant coaches available for the first time during minicamps and OTAs.  For example, last year, the first time the media heard from Ed Reed was June 16.  On top of all that, my sense is the Bills are going to try and keep press conferences and media availability to a minimum after Rex Ryan never saw a microphone or camera he didn’t like and then the negative shots they took after the press conferences of Anthony Lynn and Doug Whaley.


Chris, you’re not wrong about Hughes (who disappeared as the season went on), Dareus (see how I spelled it the correct way there? Yes, we all know he had major issues that cost him and the team virtually the entire season), and the secondary (it WAS was average - at best - most of the season).  But that’s not where you start with a football team.  You always start with the quarterback, for good or bad.  There is never enough scrutiny on him.  It’s the most important position in football, and I’d say in all of professional team sports.  Tyrod Taylor didn’t cost the Bills the eight games they lost in which he started, but he also didn’t help them win enough games.  There were certainly games he did enough to win, but the defense didn’t hold up their end of the bargain.  But the QB is always the first thing to evaluate, or scrutinize, whether that scrutiny turns out positive or negative.


You are one of many who tweet me on a regular basis about Kolby Listenbee, Andrea.  I get why.  He’s a mystery, and with his world-class speed, incredibly intriguing knowing the Bills are very thin at wide receiver heading into free agency and the draft.  But the fact of the matter is Kolby will have to fight to even make the roster at training camp.  He was a sixth round choice for a reason, and it’s not just because he was injured.  He’s no sure thing to be a legitimate NFL player.  I like him and know he’s working really hard to get out there this season and finally begin his NFL career after spending last season on IR.  But, he has a long way to go just to prove he deserves a spot on the team.  He’s never run a route in a real NFL practice.  He’s coming off an injury that cost him an entire season.  Can he help on special teams at all?  He’ll need to be able to to help his chances.  There are a lot of questions about him.  But, sure, he could come in and look terrific and suddenly be a contributing wideout.  But that’s as far as it will probably go this year, at least.  A contributor.  I think too many people are expecting too much from him simply because of the Olympic speed he brings and the desperation at the position.  If that keeps up, it's not going to be fair to him in 2017.  On a separate note, trading down is never a bad idea to me.


They can, Weston.  But it wouldn’t be smart.  Let me explain.  As of March 9 (when the new league year officially begins), the Bills can exercise Taylor’s extension.  But they have until March 11 to do it.  Just three days.  If they do exercise it, but then trade him, they’d be on the hook for the entire option bonus of $15.5 million both as a cash payment and a cap hit in 2017.  Obviously, they won’t do that.  What they could do, however, is trade him on or after March 9 without exercising the extension, since he's still their property until March 11.  Then, his contract would simply go with him to his new team and that team would have the same decision to make on him before March 11, or have him agree to restructure the deal.  But most teams would hesitate to trade for him, anyway, if they know the Bills aren’t picking up the option, because they’d be able to sign Taylor as a free agent and not give up any draft picks or players.  


I can’t believe this is a real thing, but it is.  Pretty crazy, but cool.  A rec league hoops team in Buffalo named their squad after me (although you spelled my last name wrong, Jake, but we’ll let that slide since it’s the thought that counts).  Seriously, I’m honored.  Thanks for listening and being creative.  Now, have the entire team go shave their heads and grow goatees!! 


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