Sabres' Dahlin couldn't be happier that he's coming to Buffalo

June 22, 2018

Dallas, TX (WGR 550) - Rasmus Dahlin is finally a Buffalo Sabre and he couldn’t be happier. He would never say that the Sabres were going to take him, but he did talk about it afterwards, “It’s amazing, it was like finally, I can put on a Buffalo Sabres jersey, I’ve been there twice and I love that city and I can’t wait to get everything started.”

Dahlin said he never thought about what being taken first would be like, but he did admit, “Yes, I was kind of nervous, so it was amazing when I heard my name.

“It’s amazing, really many emotions in my body right now and I’m proud of myself.”

If we’re all being honest, Dahlin could have been planning his future since late April, but now that it’s official he said, “Finally I can plan my future and I can call my new town Buffalo.”

The fans are what makes this city so great. Dahlin wants to meet you guys, “They are great fans. I heard so many great things about them. Like they love hockey in that city and I can see that, when they come to me, they know me and I don’t even play in the NHL. So they probably love hockey.

“So, yeah, I’ve heard so many great things about them. I’m super excited to meet all the fans.”

The last Swedish player to be taken first overall was Mats Sundin. That means a lot to Dahlin, “It’s pretty crazy actually, he’s a legend in Sweden, so it’s kind of weird, but amazing.”

After the pick, Phil Housley greeted Dahlin on stage. The kid talked about the conversation, “Congratulations. I told him that I’m super excited and I can’t wait.”

We’ve heard since Housley arrived that he wants to play an up-tempo style Dahlin likes that, but he’ll do whatever is asked of him, “Amazing. That’s a fun style to play, but if he was saying that we are playing a slow game, I would do that, too. I will do whatever the coach says.”

Dahlin will be in Buffalo for Prospects Camp beginning on Wednesday.

Hear what Dahlin had to say with Brian Koziol after being selected by the Sabres: