Sabres a playoff team in new NHL playoff proposal

April 29, 2020

There have been many proposals that the NHL is considering for resuming play, depending on when the league is able to get back to action on the ice. Due to the fact that the NHL, reportedly, does not have business interruption insurance, it sounds like the league is doing everything in their power to finish the regular season.

That may just not be realistic.

Should the NHL have to resume play, starting with the playoffs, the Sabres could find themselves involved.

According to @SportsnetSpec, this is the "most popular" playoff format idea if the NHL can't finish its regular season this summer.

It's a format in which the Buffalo Sabres and Anaheim Ducks would be playoff teams, while the NY Rangers would not.

— Greg Wyshynski (@wyshynski) April 29, 2020

Teams like the Rangers and Blackhawks, who have higher point percentages than the Sabres, have a legitimate gripe that they would not be included in this format. For the Sabres sake, it would mean the continuation of their season.

The Sabres are currently sixth in the Atlantic Division, meaning they'd play the third seed Maple Leafs in the first round.

Plenty of questions surround this possibility. Is Sabres - Leafs as exciting as it sounds without fans in attendance? Would this mean the Sabres playoff drought is over? What will the hockey look like after a long break? Will whoever wins the Stanley Cup have an asterisk next to their name forever?

It's just one proposal, but Sportsnet's Marc Spector says this is the most likely outcome should the NHL not be capable of finishing the regular season. The next time you see the Buffalo Sabres, it could very well be in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.