Redmond has always been a Sabres fan

October 23, 2017

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Zach Redmond didn’t get a chance to play in Boston, but in Monday’s practice, he was out there with Victor Antipin and could get a chance Tuesday against Detroit.

Redmond was acquired right before the first game in a deal with Montreal.

Redmond is from Detroit, but grew up a Sabres fan. He said, “I was excited to hear the news and I was excited to hear it was Buffalo.”

Being a Sabres fan, Redmond had some favorites on the team. He said, “I was always a big Mogilny fan. I liked Briere too. In Detroit we didn’t really get the broadcasts, but I’ve always been a fan of Buffalo and the owner just seems like he’s doing big things around the city which is really cool too.”

Redmond not only was a Sabres fan, but also a fan of the area. The defenseman said, “Too me, just the city of Buffalo reminds me of Detroit. It’s a blue collar town that loves their sports and they just like a good, hard working brand of hockey.”

“So for me, coming into Buffalo, I just want to work hard. The goal for everybody is to win and push the personal agenda aside. I think with the flip of the management team and there’s a lot of new faces, so this is a great opportunity for guys like myself, but also for the organization to trend upwards and build on it so it’s exciting.”

Redmond has played on three other NHL clubs, and he had a sense that maybe his time in Montreal was over. He said he wasn’t surprised by the trade, “No, not entirely, they had a ton of guys up there, so you’re always a little bit taken aback by a trade, but it wasn’t a complete shock to me.”

Redmond has played 130 NHL games with Montreal, Colorado and Winnipeg. He’s scored nine goals and 29 assists for 38 points. He doesn’t really know why he has never gotten to stick in the league, “I’ve been happy, I’ve done all I can. I feel like everybody is at a different stage in their career and for me it’s been a learning process and sometimes you don’t know why certain things happen, but I’ve been down and I keep getting back up, so I’m proud of myself for doing that.”

Redmond has had some serious things happen to him both with illness and injuries. When Redmond was 15 and playing in a tournament in Toronto, he suffered a stroke. It was determined that an oddity caused the stroke and he was able to eventually continue playing hockey.

While in Winnipeg, Redmond was doing a skating drill and fell, a teammates skate severed an artery in the leg, groin and hamstring area. Redmond lost over half the blood in his body and was saved by quick actions on the ice.

When two live changing events like that happen in your life, it has to change you. Redmond said, “The two injuries I had really put my career into perspective. There was a decision if I’d play or not again.”

“If there’s one thing that I could say from the injuries, it made me realize how much I really do love the game because despite the circumstances, it was an easy call to get back into it, so from that perspective it made me realize how special it is to play this game every day.”

That tells us from a hockey perspective, but what about from a life perspective? Redmond said, “Maybe just how sweet life is. I’m not going to act like those two injuries have made me a guy that has it all figured out as far as live every day like it’s your last, you still take that sort of thing for granted, but that’s definitely a giant reminder of how precious it all is.”

Phil Housley said Zemgus Girgensons, Evan Rodrigues and Justin Falk are back skating on their own.


Monday’s lines:


Kane  Eichel  Okposo

Pouliot  O’Reilly  Pominville

Nolan  Reinhart  Bailey

Moulson  Larsson  Griffith


Scandella  Ristolainen

Antipin  Redmond

McCabe  Tennyson (Fedun)


PP1: 15  90  23  93  55

PP2: 9 21 29 6 5