Rapoport: I do not expect Bills to cut Taylor

February 23, 2018

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Thursday on NFL Up To The Minute Live that the Bills are not planning to cut Tyrod Taylor.

On the third day of the league year, Taylor will be owed a $6 million roster bonus on top of his $10 million base salary for the 2018 season. The quarterback told the Buffalo News that restructuring his contract is, "definitely not part of my mindset."

Ian Rapoport joined Schopp and the Bulldog on Friday to discuss the future of Tyrod Taylor with the Bills.

On what the Bills are trying to do with Taylor:

The main thing is, everyone assumes that the $6 million is up, the Bills are going to cut him and figure it out from there. That is definitely not my understanding. I would be very surprised, do not expect them to just cut him. I would expect them, like a lot of teams do, to try to upgrade at the position. He was a starter good enough last year to help them get to the playoffs. A starter good enough to get benched, and a starter good enough to come back, rebound, and play well from that. He's not perfect, but he's good enough to be a starter in the NFL, and they're not just going to cut that.

What I would expect them to do is pay the $6 million bonus, and say now we have either a starting quarterback for 2018, a one-year $10 million contract that is very tradable, or a player that we're going to just keep there until we find someone better potentially moving up in the draft with those picks to get someone. They've got a lot of options, that just don't include cutting him.

On Tyrod Taylor's one-year, $10 million contract being very tradable:

He's right now I would say a better quarterback than Mike Glennon. I think that's obvious. Mike Glennon got $15 million a year in free agency last year, $20 million guaranteed. Tyrod Taylor, a better quarterback, a starting quarterback, would be one-year, $10 million. So if a team is looking for a bridge starter, someone to come in and be a placeholder for a rookie, that's a really good deal. That's someone you might trade for. Then you say, what's that worth? With a reasonable contract for a quarterback, a mid to late-round pick. So what the Bills would be doing theoretically is paying $6 million to help them get a better draft pick, and it's not my money so I would say that's worth it.

On how aggressive the Bills will pursue a quarterback in the draft:

One thing we've learned about the Bills is they will be aggressive in whatever they do. We saw that this year as they tried to remake their team on the fly. I would expect them to do the same in the quarterback market. Maybe that's both those picks and moving on up, way up. Maybe it's during the actual draft going from 21 to 13, 14, 10 to try and get the quarterback they want. Either way I would not expect them to sit back. One of the great things about what they did last year is they have two first-rounders, and you can really do a lot of things with two first-rounders.

You can listen to the entire interview with Rapoport below.