November 20, 2017

That was a disaster. There’s just no other way to put it.

As I’m starting out writing this I honestly have no idea at all how long this will go. I mean, there’s a lot to say I suppose but on the other hand, is there really?

Sean McDermott made the bold decision to bench his starting quarterback, Tyrod Taylor, for rookie fifth round pick Nathan Peterman. The decision exploded all over the tiny stadium this game was played in. Five first half interceptions by Peterman saw to that.

Five. 5. V.

That’s it really. Any other analysis of this game, the inability of the defense to ever stop the Chargers, has no place here. The Bills rookie head coach made a bold choice with his team holding down a playoff spot and it came back to bite him.

That’s putting it mildly. The decision to play Peterman didn’t just bite McDermott, it swallowed him whole. Like the shark in Jaws destroying Quint’s boat, the tornadoes in Twister, the asteroid in Armageddon, the iceberg in Titanic, and the Stay Puft marshmallow man in Ghostbusters, McDermott’s decision annihilated all.

And for the record, I don’t even care that maybe Liv Tyler saves the planet or something in Armageddon, ok? I was on a roll and it’s staying in there. I mean it was a massive asteroid that was going to destroy the planet. You don’t like it, write your own stupid recap of this garbage fire. Also, I can only say maybe Liv Tyler saves the planet from the asteroid because I don’t really know. I’ve never even seen Armageddon. Unless you count those horrible Aerosmith videos from the soundtrack.

Anyways, where was I?'

I mean honestly, you’d think maybe we’d seen it all in 17 years of the drought. This was a new low, which in and of itself is incredible. Who would’ve thought we’d get this? Maybe you hated this decision from the start, plenty of people did. But five first half interceptions? Honestly, it’s hard to process that it actually went as poorly as it did.

No, that’s not me trying to be cute by working McDermott’s pet word into this thing, but while we’re here, good luck coach. Your process trusting takes a massive hit here, and I’m not sure how easy it will be to get it back. Benching Peterman for the second half was a no brainer, but how you handle all of this will be quite a test. How he handles the team in the locker room and the questions from the media. I might imagine the folks around the country who were really questioning McDermott’s decision will have plenty to say after this disaster.

So what to do at quarterback moving forward? Switching back to Taylor could look weak and make the decision to bench him in the first place seem even more reckless. Digging in and sticking with Peterman after he made it rain interceptions will seem stubborn and maybe even a little crazy. It’s hard to know what McDermott will do because we don’t have that much to judge him on. My best guess is he goes back to Taylor. Defending the Peterman move seems futile. Sure, there was some bad luck mixed in there, but five interceptions should not earn you a second start, like maybe ever, let alone next week. McDermott has been about what’s best for the team and to me there’s just no way you can roll Peterman back out there after that. You just can’t. Predictably, McDermott was non committal after this game about what he was going to do at quarterback moving forward. And of course, I never thought the coach would bench Taylor when he did in the first place, so McDermott could surprise me. But I just don’t see him standing in front of his team and telling them he’s putting Peterman back out there in Kansas City.

The way forward is pretty murky. The Chiefs crashed pretty hard against the Giants on Sunday, but the way things have been going lately everyone is getting their points on the Bills. After that, it’s the New England Patriots and they’re back to killing teams again so good luck with that.

It takes a lot to overlook a defense that has been getting danced on like the Bills defense has the past three games. Blowouts to the power of three here the last three times out. I wrote last week that these Bills aren’t beating anyone if they don’t get the defense straightened out. So McDermott has his work cut out for him figuring out what to do on that side of the ball.

The eyeballs and ears will be tuned into the Bills coach this week to see and hear what he’s doing at quarterback. Humbly admit a mistake benching Taylor in the first place and go back to your original starter? Or boldly double down on Peterman? Either decision exposes McDermott to criticism, but only one is the right call.

He has to go back to Tyrod Taylor.