The Pegulas haven't spoken to the Sabres about Trump and the anthem

September 26, 2017

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - The Pegulas were involved in the player meeting with the Bills last week after Donald Trump’s comments against NFL players.

The issue of protesting during the National Anthem was addressed and talked about so the players could work out their feelings in a safe setting and present a united front on Sunday.

There really hasn’t been much talk about it in the NHL and head coach Phil Housley said the Pegulas have not brought it up with him, “No, not at all, it really hasn’t been brought up and we’ll deal with that if it arises.”

Kyle Okposo was born in Minnesota. He said the players haven’t been discussing it, “It hasn’t really been brought up the last couple of days which kind of surprises me, but I’ve been following it, I’m kind of a news junkie, so I just like to follow and see what’s going on and it’s kind of sad what’s going on to be honest with you in Washington. Just the way this whole system is run in my opinion, it just needs to be better.”

Okposo knows exactly how protests have been handled around the NFL. He said, “I’m a proud American and myself personally, I wouldn’t kneel for an anthem, but I respect those that do and I think that some of the words coming out of the White House can be not as understanding as they should be.”

“With that office comes the weight of the world and the world is watching what you’re doing and what you’re saying and I think that needs to be taken into account at all times,” Okposo said. “You have to be accountable for what you say. You have to know that the weight of those words that you say and the actions that you do hold so much and I think there’s a little bit more divide going on than there should be.”

Okposo believe in freedom of speech and he’s very passionate about protecting it, “There’s a lot of things going on in the country and a lot of issues and I think as a country, we need to become more tolerant of people and of views because I think protecting the First Amendment is a huge thing.”

Equality was the original issue in the NFL before Trump got involved. The Sabres winger is OK with that, but he says there’s a bigger issue at stake, “Those guys have a right to do that, people have a right to say what they feel and every little thing is getting so magnified and people are starting to talk about every little bit and piece, that we’re kind of forgetting what brings us together as Americans and that’s togetherness and that’s being together, working to help out one another. You saw the response from the natural disasters that have happened, people helping out each other and it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, you’re in there to help people.”

“If you want to speak out about equality, I think that’s a good thing and that’s definitely your right, but I also think it doesn’t have to be as loud all the time.”

"It's something that if you see something, you've got to say something and I think that can make our country better."