No, seriously, Allen hurdled a guy

September 23, 2018

I mean, what?

Josh Allen jumped over a guy. Was it a really, really short guy? No? Was the guy going down? Also no? Ok. Well that’s pretty amazing.

On a day full of massive surprises, the biggest being the Buffalo Bills jumping out to huge 27-0 lead over the Minnesota Vikings, the Bills' rookie quarterback jumping over a tall building in a single bound was maybe the coolest thing that happened.

This was basically the opener in Baltimore turned inside out. Or if you prefer another Superman reference, bizarro backwards world. At least for the first half.

A sampling of some of the stats through two quarters...

  • Total yards:
    • Bills - 245
    • Vikings - 46
  • Passing yards:
    • Bills - 165
    • Vikings - 34
  • First downs:
    • Bills - 13
    • Vikings - 2

Josh Allen looked to be getting more comfortable and confident as the half went on. His stat line, again after only the first half, was an impressive one. 12-of-19, 172 yards and one touchdown in the air, plus 37 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. There could have been even more had Robert Foster not let a very well thrown Allen bomb go through his hands for a very loud incompletion.

The second half promised to be tense as Bills fans everywhere likely wondered what it might feel like if the Vikings came back. I had wondered on Twitter at 24-0 what score we’d need to feel comfortable. The responses ran the gamut from “we’re already all set,” to “we need 50,” to some swearing at me for even bringing it up. Such is life on the old Twitter machine.

For me, when the Vikings punted on their first series followed by a Matt Milano interception the next time they had the ball, I started feeling pretty comfortable.

I honestly had just finished typing that sentence when Allen got all kinds of spun around and fumbled and it looked like the Vikings would come up with the loose ball, but somehow Jason Croom fell on it and I didn’t have to delete any of this.

Some days are just your day.

In the end, the Bills pretty much coasted home and the Vikings never really threatened. By the time the fourth quarter was five minutes old, the only drama that remained was whether or not the Bills would become the first team to shut out Minnesota at home since 1962.

The Vikings finally found the end zone, but by the time they did any fear of an epic Bills collapse was gone like summer.

Yes, the Bills, who had basically been trampled under foot for two games in 2018, were flirting with a shutout in Week 3. How’d we get here?

Well, Jerry Hughes was basically unblockable all afternoon. Matt Milano seemed like he was all over the field. The ball bounced the Bills way. The defensive backs tackled sure and hard over and over.

In a word, the defense was ferocious.

And Josh Allen hurdled a dude. The Bills' rookie quarterback played a great first half and, mostly, just needed to keep it out of the ditch in the second half. That shouldn’t take anything away from the performance by Allen. The kid made some really nice throws to help the Bills capitalize on the turnovers when they came. Allen also showed off his running ability, which maybe was undervalued leading up to the NFL Draft because of the concerns about his accuracy. Allen is certainly not Tyrod Taylor when it comes to running, but he’s definitely very good at it and that showed up in a big way on Sunday in Minnesota.

So a rejuvenated defense has now played six straight quarters of pretty impressive football and the rookie quarterback gave us some highlights and things to like.

Oh yeah, did I mention he also hurdled a dude?