NFL Week 10 Expert Picks

November 7, 2019

The Dolphins won a game. And if that’s not a surprising enough fact in itself, two of our experts guessed that it would happen. Kudos to Eddie Pence of Swings & Mrs. and Eliot Shorr-Parks of 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia for predicting this improbable victory. As a result, Pence continued his incredibly strong start and Shorr-Parks took his lead back from Home & Home’s Ross Tucker.

Expert Standings

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: 84-51-1 (8-6)

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: 86-49-1 (8-6)

Dave Briggs, ‘Home & Home' Co-Host: 74-47-1 (--)

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: 68-37-1 (--)

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 64-40 (8-6)

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 35-9 (9-5)

Ryan Chatelain, WFAN: 86-49-1 (10-4)

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: 87-48-1 (10-4)

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: 82-53-1 (8-6)

Philip Rivers and the Chargers have won two games in a row. Photo credit (Mike Dinovo/USA Today)

Los Angeles Chargers at Oakland Raiders 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Chargers

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Raiders

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host:

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Raiders

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Raiders

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Raiders

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Raiders

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Ravens

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Ravens

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host:

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Ravens

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Ravens

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Bengals

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Ravens

Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Browns

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Bills

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Bills

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Bills

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Bills

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Browns

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Bills

Matthew Stafford is having one of the best seasons of his career. Photo credit (Raj Mehta/USA Today)

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Lions

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Lions

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Lions

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Lions

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Bears

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Lions

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Lions

New York Giants at New York Jets

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Giants

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Giants

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Giants

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Giants

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Giants

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Giants

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Giants

Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Chiefs

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Chiefs

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Chiefs

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Chiefs

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Chiefs

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Chiefs

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Chiefs

Jameis Winston has had two strong games in a row. Photo credit (Jim Brown/USA Today)

Arizona Cardinals at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Buccaneers

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Buccaneers

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Buccaneers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Buccaneers

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Cardinals

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Buccaneers

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Buccaneers

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Saints

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Saints

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Saints

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Saints

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Saints

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Saints

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Falcons

Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Colts

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Colts

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Colts

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Colts

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Colts

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Colts

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Colts

Cooper Kupp has had a strong 2019 season. Photo credit (Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Los Angeles Rams at Pittsburgh Steelers 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Rams

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Rams

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Rams

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Rams

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Rams

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Rams

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Rams

Carolina Panthers at Green Bay Packers 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Packers

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Packers

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Packers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Packers

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Packers

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Packers

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Packers

Minnesota Vikings at Dallas Cowboys 

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: Vikings

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: Cowboys

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: Vikings

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Vikings

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: Cowboys

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: Cowboys

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Cowboys

Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers

Tim Kelly, RADIO.COM Sports: 49ers

Ross Tucker, 'Home & Home' Co-Host: 49ers

Jenn Decker, 'Swings & Mrs.' Co-Host: 49ers

Cody Decker, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 49ers

Eddie Pence, ‘Swings & Mrs.’ Co-Host: 49ers

Eliot Shorr-Parks, SportsRadio 94 WIP: 49ers

Ryan Hannable, WEEI: Seahawks

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