McDermott not satisfied with NFL explanations of Benjamin call

December 26, 2017

It would've been hard for many fans to imagine back in the summer, that Sean McDermott and the Bills would have a shot at the playoffs going into the final week of the 2017 season. That's where the Bills are. They're 8-7, following this past Sunday's loss to the Patriots, and needing a win and a little help this upcoming Sunday to end the 17-year playoff drought. 

With Christmas on a Monday this year, McDermott joined Bulldog on Tuesday, to discuss the loss to New England, and their playoff hopes going into Week 17. Here's some of the best from his visit. 

On if he'll be aware of out of town games in Miami:
"We'll have someone keeping an eye on things, so I'll know what's going on, but we have to be locked on to the task at hand."

On Terry Pegula sounding off on the reversed Benjamin call:
"Appreciate that Terry got involved and supports what we're doing. I support what he shared earlier. That being said, we've got to get focused on our process this week and the Miami Dolphins."

On if he's satisfied with the NFL's explanation:
"No. I'm not. I'm at a loss, I remain at a loss based on their explanation during the game and today. Just want consistency, in terms of rules. So, that there's clarity on a week to week basis."

On the offense's performance at New England:
"Thought we were playing well offensively. Took a big negative play, which effected momentum. When you go into the red zone against good teams, you need to make those tripos count. Didn't have much to show for it."

You can hear the entire segment with McDermott below.