McDermott: "I'd rather win than tie, I'd rather tie than lose"

December 11, 2017

The Buffalo Bills are now 7-6 following Sundays snowy win over the lowly Colts. One of the headlines coming out of the game, was Sean McDermott's decision to punt in the late stages of overtime. The Bills of course were able to get the ball back and win it with LeSean McCoy's 21 yard touchdown run. 

McDermott joined Mike Schopp and the Bulldog on Buffalo Football Monday. Here's some of the best from his time with the guys. 

On the decision to punt in overtime:
"Decided to punt based on a lot of different variables that went into it. Field conditions were a part of it and how the game was being played through the better part of four quarters. Felt like both offenses were having a hard time getting the ball out from their own end. It worked out yesterday, but if you look at and change another variable does it mean that we go in the same direction. All of this is about for us that we can find ourselves in this situation with similar conditions because of where we play."

On his strategy with a tie looking very possible at the end of OT:
"You look at it from all different angles, obviously you want to win first, that's what you want to do. You certainly don't want to lose. You want to win and the second best thing you can do in that situation is tie. I'd rather win than tie and I'd rather tie than lose."

On how much the team was able to do with the conditions:
"I'd say we cut down probably about three-quarters of the game-plan and I'd venture to guess that they did the same because of the weather."

On turning to the run game in the snow:
"We looked at certain type of spacing on the offensive and defensive line changing our alignment so we were a little both closer to the ball on defense because of the run emphasis and the type of game we found ourselves in."

You can hear the entire segment with Sean McDermott below.