From the Locker Room: Sabres-Kings

October 15, 2017

The Buffalo Sabres gave up three power play goals to the Los Angeles Kings on three opportunites. LA also would add an empty net goal for a 4-2 win over the Sabres on Saturday night. Hear what head coach Phil Housley had to say, along with Robin Lehner, Jack Eichel, and Evander Kane:

Phil Housley

On the three LA power play goals: "Five-on-five we were the better hockey team, it's just unforutntate that they got three power play goals and our power play didn't get anything in return. So, if you look at that, we've got to clean up those areas, special teams we've got to win that battle to help contribute to the win. Right now we're just finding ways to lose and we've got to turn the corner here, take a lot of the things that we did well and try to find ways to win."

On Evander Kane's late penalty: "It's unfortunate, I mean, he's going for a puck, his stick gets tangled up, it's unfortunate. You know, that's when our penalty kill's gotta dig in, maybe win a draw, tie a draw, just try to get the job done."

On the team's play throughout the game: "That was just the result of not managing the puck through the neutral zone. Everything we did well in the first period we got away from in the second period. We started to get our game back in the third, I thought we had the majority of the play, but again, it just comes down to special teams."

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Evander Kane

On his penalty late in the third period: "No excuse for that. Obviously, I wasn't trying to trip him, just trying to make a play on the puck but regardless of that, I can't take that penalty at that time of the game."

On how to improve the Sabres power play: "I think we just gotta mentally be a lot sharper. You know, it's the little things...breakout passes, not executing on our breakouts, and when you don't do that you're not going to have good entries, so, I think that's where it starts and we need to find ways to gain possesison in their zone and try to work, be able to use the skills we have."

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Jack Eichel

On his interference penalty: "I thought the penalty was going on them, I'm just trying to backcheck there I think he grabbed my arm there a bit but apparently the ref must have thought different. You know, it's tough in that situation, it's such a fast game he sees one thing, maybe it looked a little different from the back, or from my prespective I wasn't trying to hold him, I was in front of him, so I don't really know I could have held him if I was in front of him."

On how to create more offense in the game: "I thought there was a lot of momentum swings in the game. There's just, you know, some little errors I think where we're giving too many pucks back to the other team when we have it, it's kind of just little simple stuff but if we clean up I think we'll be able to generate a lot more offense and we'll spend a lot more time in their end."

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Robin Lehner

On the game overall and the game-winning goal: "I felt good today, I felt I can make some, some good saves. I felt calm, relaxed in there...that last one totally dove on me, hard knuckler that was just dove at the last second. Of course, I want to have that but it's what it is."

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