From the Locker Room: Sabres - Canucks

October 20, 2017

Joe DiBiase reporting

Justin Bailey again scored early to get the Sabres out to a lead, but this time his teammates didn't follow with a good effort. The Sabres dropped to 1-5-2 on the season with their loss to a Vancouver Canucks team that played the night before. Hear what head coach Phil Housley had to say about the loss, along with Justin Bailey, Kyle Okposo, and Chad Johnson. 

Justin Bailey

On what went wrong in the game: "We were just one second late to pucks. They were coming out of the zone too easy. Pumping shots at Johnson. That wasn't our game plan. Anytime your leaving your goalie out to dry like that, you want to push back, it's definitely frustrating."

On the team's poor passing: "It starts in practice, making sure we're crisp day in and day out. It starts in the first, we have to come out of the gate better. I think going into the game starting fast, whether I score or not, just want a big hit or something to get the guys going."


Kyle Okposo

On the team's overall effort: "It was gross. That was gross. We didn't come out ready to play. That's what we stressed, we didn't do it. We got to start winning hockey games. This is much fun. We need to look at ourselves, come out and play with some fire."

On being benched in the 3rd period: "No it's not fun. Just have to be better, I have to play better. Just have to make some plays, move my feet. Do the things I know make me a good hockey player. It's his decision, obviously you want to play and be out there. He obviously has that right, and I have to prove it. Nothing is given to you."

On why the team can't get in the win column: "Just lack of execution, lack of battle, squeezing our sticks too much. When your not feeling good you have to bare down, get some pucks to the net. Keep it simple."


Chad Johnson

On why the team didn't have their legs: "I can't really explain it. The coaching staff will take a look at it, but they seemed pretty desperate right from the start. They got pucks to the net, had a little jump. We have to regroup and have a big game tomorrow."

On how he feels his own game has been: "Right from the start, even the last couple games, I felt good about my game, but it's about results and winning. Haven't got the results I want. Feel good about my game, but it's about winning and it wasn't there tonight."

On what Vancouver did that was successful: "Seemed like they were moving pucks and having some good looks, why that is I don't know. They were getting the rebounds, but I can't tell you why. It seemed like they had more jump. I felt good. My mindset has been where it needs to be, mentally and physically."


Phil Housley

On the team's game: "We had opportunities to get pucks deep. Didn't get it deep enough, and they countered back. We defended a lot, sucked a lot of energy out of us. Waste energy in the wrong area, our energy up ice isn't where it needed to be. We didn't defend well, and close quick enough. We were slow there tonight. Need to close quicker, be more aggressive on the puck. Those things are really a big factor in the games they lost, we've built some momentum, and lost it." 

On the Canucks goal that was ruled to be onside: "I don't know. You guys have seen it, I totally disagree. He never has possession. As long as I've been in the league, I call that ten out of ten times offsides and I'd challenge it again."

On benching Okposo: "Kyle's got to get his feet moving. I went with the guys I thought we'd have success with. We built some momentum, had some good looks."

On Justin Bailey's game: "He has been, he's provided a spark. Consistent solid effort, he's using his speed and getting on the fore check. Really big spark."