From the Locker Room: Sabres-Bruins

October 21, 2017

The Sabres came back to defeat the Boston Bruins 5-4 in overtime on Saturday at TD Garden. See what Jack Eichel, Ryan O'Reilly, Jason Pominville, Robin Lehner, and Phil Housley had to say about the win:

Jack Eichel

On playing better for the second half of the game: “Pommer’ scores a big one for us and then, you know, we were able to get another one, I thought we started to rolling some shifts over ibn the second period, getting some good opportunities. ‘Lenny’ made a few huge saves, made one on Marchand on a breakaway and I thought we just came in here between periods and got it together. You know, we just wanted to go out and make a hard push and see where it took us.”

On outworking the Bruins later in the game: “That’s what the coach has been harping on us about, and you know, it’s tough to win games in this league, you know, if you want to win you really gotta work hard. I think we need to use this game as an example of what it takes to win a hockey game. It’s a really good team over there, they got some good players, and you know, I think we liked our effort.”

On what the win can mean for the team: “You look at our performance today, you know, I thought we out-competed ‘em and that’s why we won the game and I think that’s what our coach has been harping on us. Like I said, it’s not easy to win games in this league and you really gotta compete hard, and that’s what all the best teams do night in and night out.”

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Ryan O’Reilly

On helping create Pominville’s goal: “I think the first period we still did a lot of things well, playing like a road game coming in, you know, a couple bad bounces early but you know we were more consistent. Guys were more positive, we stuck with it, we kept working and then eventually we weared them down where we started to get bounces and it just kind of…shifted”

On the video review of his overtime-winning goal: “You know, I was just getting ready the bench, it was out of our hands at this point and, you know, I was just getting ready trying to get my rest just in case I had another shift and go leave it all out there ‘cause you never know, never know in those situations.”

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Jason Pominville

How his goal helped get the team going offensively: “We were working hard, maybe giving up a little bit too much. Too many rush chances, too many free opportunities, and I thought once we defended better and kind of limited those rush chances, especially in the third we were able to create more offense and get more out of it.”

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Robin Lehner

On the team’s effort to come back and win: “We stuck with it. They got some bounces with ‘em and kept playing and 4-2 after two periods we were still positive in here. Pouliot scores a big goal for us there, nine, eight minute mark and we just had a good feeling.”

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Phil Housley

On what it took for the team to mount the comeback: “I give our guys a lot of credit, because, you know, they’ve been through a lot in just a short period of time, you know, on a back-to-back night, you know, we came to play right away…I really liked our game in the first, I think there were some bounces that didn’t go our way, and carried that through to the second period and the third period.”

On how the team overtook the game from Boston: “Overall our battle level was really high, and that was a result of Ryan O’Reilly, just you know, second and third effort in the battle and eventually we score there, and I think we rolled four lines, we stuck to that throughout pretty much the whole game until the end and I think eventually we sorta got to them.”

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