From the Locker Room: Sabres-Blue Jackets

October 26, 2017

youSee what Phil Housley, Ryan O'Reilly, and Seth Griffith had to say following the Sabres 5-1 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Wednesday night.

Phil Housley

On not getting a goal to tie Columbus 1-1, instead going down 2-0: "It was a big turning point, you know wer're down 1-0 nothing I thought we were playing really well, getting some looks. The only thing I would say in the first period we didn't challenge [Sergei] Bobrovsky enough, just getting in front of him, and taking his vision away, and good goalies in this league, especially a guy like him they're gonna make the stops."

On if the team became frustrated after O'Reilly did not score on his breakaway: "I don't think it was a sense of frustration, I think it's just how do you react to that, right? We know, we understand, it's a big turning point, could have been a tie game right there, but how do you react from that point moving forward, the mental roughness of that, we just lost that little bit of discpiline of our game to just stay with it, and maybe we're down one going into the third but it certainly a lot better than chasing the game at that point." 

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Ryan O'Reilly

On the missed opporutnities when the game was still 1-0 for Columbus: "Absolutely, I'm really disappointed with myself, you know, that changed, that gives us the spark we need. We're not scoring enough goals, you can't much better oppotunity than that, and I missed that, get a little frustrated and I make a mistake offensively too, you know I miss my check on the fore check and he beats me back up ice to score a goal. Yeah, I can't look at anyone else right now, that's a huge play, that, you know, if that happnes, you know, we're in a much different spot and it's not good enough." 

On the three late second period goals for Columbus: "You could just kind of see it, and again, after that b-way where it's a huge excitement thing you want to build and you know, it goes the other way, then, you know, a couple minutes later they're scoring and it's in the back of our net and you know we have to be mentally tougher and find a way to get back to our game plan."

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Seth Griffith

On the difference in the game: "We just didn't have enough three in the zone, and they were getting odd-man rushes and they capoitzalied. They have good players over there, so I think we need to do a better job defenisively in our own end with that 'F-3'."

On his goal late giving his line confidence: "It just gives our line confidence, you know, we had some chances throughout the game, and you know like I said, we didn't do a good job of getting in front of Bobrovsky but Lars [Johan Larsson] did a good job getting in front there, I don't think he saw it so it just gives our line some confidence going into the next game."

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