From The Locker Room: Sabres-Blue Jackets

March 10, 2017
Read postgame quotes from Cody Franson, Evan Rodrigues and Josh Gorges following Buffalo's 4-3 loss in Columbus.

Cody Franson
"It's unfortunate that it comes down to that last's a mishandled play on my part. It's not like I was trying to do something cute with it or something out of the ordinary. I was trying to keep it simple. Just couldn't get a handle on it."

"[O'Reilly] did a good job winning the draw. I started going a little early, thinking the puck was going to go a little farther to the inside. I handcuffed myself and couldn't get a handle on it. The rest is what it is."

Evan Rodrigues
"We wanted to get a lot of shots on [Bobrovsky] in the 1st period. We had a goal to kind of throw things at the net. It was good to get one early."

"It's not like anyone did anything wrong on that last play. It's a missed puck. Everyone kind of did their job. It just happened to bounce out and the guy makes a nice move. It's just one of those things that's kind of happening."

Josh Gorges
"The time for learning lessons, I think, has passed us. It's now about winning games. That's all that matters. That's all that should matter."