From The Locker Room: Sabres-Blackhawks

February 19, 2017
Read what Jack Eichel, Evander Kane and Dan Bylsma told reporters after the Sabres' 5-1 defeat to the Blackhawks.

Jack Eichel
"Came in after the 1st 1-1 and against a team like that, you've got to attack them. You gotta go after them. We did too much sitting back, playing in our own zone. We didn't play aggressive enough, gave them too much room and the puck ended up in our net."

"We've done a pretty good job of getting ourselves close, almost back in the mix. We've played a lot of back-to-backs, we've played a lot of hockey right now. We can take some time here, rest a bit and try and let ourselves re-focus for the last push of the season."

"We'll take this time to relax a bit and make a playoff push. We've done some good things and we're starting to find ourselves. The consistency just needs to be there every night."

Evander Kane
"Coming in tied 1-1 after the 1st period there, felt good about that...we had an opportunity with the 5-on-3 there to get a goal. Unfortunately we didn't and things kind of unraveled a little bit. Thought we looked tired as the game went on."

"It's a much-needed break. We've played a lot of hockey. A little rest can go a long way and stepping away from the rink for a couple of days can help individuals and the group. Hopefully it will be a positive thing for us."

Dan Bylsma
"It's a long time away from playing, it's a long time from being on the ice. We have to be ready coming out of the break to play our best hockey. Have a break, put your feet in the sand a little bit. But also take care of yourselves, get a workout in because it comes quick right after the break."