Late night discussion: Who will win the final receiver spots?

August 19, 2019

Louie DiBiase
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With two weeks of preaseason football in the books for the Buffalo Bills, things will begin to heat up as players on the roster bubble get two more opportunities to shine in game action. 

One position that still doesn't have a clear-cut picture at both ends of the depth chart is at wide receiver. Seemingly John Brown, Cole Beasley, Zay Jones, and Robert Foster will round out the top-four spots in some order. That leaves one, maybe two, at the most three more spots for other pass catchers to secure. 

Who will shine in the final weeks of preseason? Who is in the lead after matchups with the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers? 

Fans took to Twitter for Sunday's late night discussion to give their thoughts:


Three popular options for two spots:

For those that believe the Bills will carry six receivers on their 53-man roster, three players were popular choices throughout the discussion. 

Andre Roberts and Isaiah McKenzie

— Zach Kozoduj (@koz9130) August 19, 2019

Andre Roberts is 100% a lock and then I think it's gonna be McKenzie.

— Vergil (@Vergil3434) August 19, 2019

Many fans believe Andre Roberts is a lock to make the team. The veteran has become one of the more efficient returners on special teams in the National Football League. Roberts made the Pro Bowl in 2018 as the returner for the AFC. 

McKenzie saw a lot of action down the stretch of the 2018 season and has been impressive in the preseason making three big plays that went for a combined 99 yards. 

Andre Roberts and Duke Williams McKenzie is out we have to many small wideouts on this team!

— Gerald Beamish (@beamish_gerald) August 19, 2019

Roberts and Duke. Duke has the jump ball ability.

— Justin Chisholm (@IAmTheNizz) August 19, 2019

Duke & McKenzie

— BJ Bancroft -- (@bj_bancroft) August 19, 2019

Duke Williams has been a fan-favorite this summer. His large frame is an attractive strength that other receivers on the roster don't have. Brown, Beasley, Roberts, and McKenzie are all under 6' 0". The Bills may want to keep some size available by sticking with Williams. 


Going against the grain:

A few participants had different ideas for what to do with the final spots at wide receiver. 

McCloud and Williams

— Kevin Joseph Haines (@Kevin_Kaje) August 19, 2019

The only vote for Ray-Ray McCloud. 

If they keep 6 it’s McKenzie and Roberts. If they can keep 7 Duke Williams. The guy brings something to the table none of the other receivers do. His size and physicality make a him a desirable red zone threat and he seems like he would be a good special teams guy.

— Don Burt (@DonBurt_sports) August 19, 2019

Bringing the idea of keeping seven receivers to the table. 


Funny guy:

Where are all the David Sills fanboys that were out in full force last month?

— D. Worry (@716BillsFan) August 19, 2019

The David Sills hive has been MIA for a few weeks. 


Author's choice:

The Bills will most likely keep six receivers on the final roster. With the final two spots, McKenzie and Williams would the choices. 

McKenzie has shown playmaking ability this summer and during the 2018 regular season.

Isaiah McKenzie's hesitation game is strong ---- @_CRADICULOUS

— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) August 17, 2019

He also has return ability which can help justify allowing Andre Roberts to go. 

Williams is the big target that would be nice to have at Josh Allen's disposal. Especially in the red zone where he can make plays like the one he made last week in Carolina. 

Former Auburn WR Duke Williams (@YFBurnna_cmh) getting UP -- for the touchdown!

— Auburn Tigers | (@aldotcomTigers) August 17, 2019


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