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January 23, 2018


10 questions with 10 answers!


1.) @Andyrewu94 (Andrew) - Should Amerks playoff games in the spring be on TV across WNY?

Holy crap YES. Andrew, this is a fantastic idea. I noticed the other day that right after that Sabres debacle against the Stars, the team’s PR twitter account tossed out a whole bunch of info on the kids in Rochester that are doing well. It was good info and felt like water to a man dying of thirst.

The Amerks are doing well. They’re 24-9-5, which puts them at a .674 point percentage. That’s the highest point percentage since…. 2004-05. You know what they had that year?  NHL PLAYERS! The last time the Amerks were this good it’s because the AHL had become chock full of the lockout-stranded NHL youngsters playing there.

After three straight years out of the playoffs, and a Bills-esque drought waiting for a playoff series win, the Amerks are back. As the parent club plays out the string, the farm club is going to the postseason. The Amerks games should be on ASAP.

It’s also pretty clear that the Sabres want the Amerks to do well, and if that’s at the expense of the Sabres, so be it. Matt Tennyson was called up Tuesday. Brendan Guhle only came up once this season, and that fell right in line with a lengthy Amerks break. They wanted Guhle to keep playing. Other than that one call-up, Guhle has been passed over time and time again. It’s not quite on the level of burying Mark Pysyk in Rochester, but it’s clear that Jason Botterill has much more going for him in Rochester than he does in Buffalo.

Get me all the Amerks games on tv, ASAP. 


2.) @ritarneo - Do you think the Sabres made a mistake in undervaluing Evander Kane and not trying to sign him sooner during his six years here?

I don’t think the Sabres have undervalued Kane. I think it might be more likely that Kane overvalues himself. We talked to John Shannon on Tuesday, and he talked about the potential market for Evander as maybe… $6 million dollars. John believes that Kane’s camp thinks he’ll fetch $7-8 million dollars. I’m not sure how much the Sabres want to commit, and I think they might be nervous on the term. 

There’s plenty of chatter about this Sabres locker room, and I’m not sure if Kane is one of the good guys or the bad guys. Jason Botterill gets to come in with fresh eyes and make this call. Think back to the moment that Tim Murray acquired Kane… he referenced that he’d loved him since juniors. That’s great and all, but you have to make shrewd decisions and part ways with a player you love if you think it means getting better in the long run. I think the Sabres know everything they need to about Kane, but they’re not willing to buy off his ability to go to free agency.


3.) @NickMinerd (Nick) - Even though so much has to happen between now and then, you have to wager everything you own on one name. Who starts Game 1 at QB for the 2018 Buffalo Bills?

I have to bet everything I own?


He has to be the favorite. He’s under contract. The offense is going to change. There’s reason to believe the Bills can use Tyrod as the veteran they want to have on the roster, and draft a kid. I can’t see the Bills spending BIG money on a stopgap guy when they seem to have one on the team already. I’m not saying this is a lock at all, but if I have to make the bet… this is my bet.

IF the Bills were to bring Taylor back, it’d be tough on a few levels. The Peterman thing happened, and that was with a fifth round pick. If the Bills have a new blue-chip draft pick on the team, fans will head to training camp waiting for that kid to unseat Taylor. If the Bills haven’t drafted a quarterback, they run the risk of splitting the fan base again. Tyrod has his supporters, but a large chunk might abandon belief that the Bills can win the whole thing, right out of the gate. The drought is over, and that changes this. No more do we have to hear “How about just making the playoffs first!??!”

Everything is changed. The bar gets raised a bit.  

I’d still bet Tyrod because I don’t know who they’ll draft… and I don’t know what veteran replacement is a better bet.


4.) @SteadyRiot (TJ) - What’s the worst thing about being an Arsenal fan?

Accepted mediocrity.

I’ve been an Arsenal fan to see the cycle that they are in, and that they choose to stay in. Arsenal is a massively wealthy club, one of the “big four” (or five or at least they used to be). Arsenal is rich in tradition, finance, and support. The owner doesn’t care. The manager has overstayed his welcome. They’ve slowly drifted over the last decade or so… from a team that was in a championship drought to a team that no one envisions even shooting for the Premier League title.

The Gunners are totally content, it’d seem, to try to compete for fourth place and get into the Champions League. They’ll pocket some tens of millions for that, and then bow out in the knockout stage when they meet a club that’s truly dedicated to winning.

it’s frustrating when your favorite team loses all the time. It’s maddening to watch top talent leave. It’s the absolutely worst when it appears that’s the business model. Arsenal fans have to ask themselves if their club will ever return to the top because the new reality is that they’re here to assist Man U, Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea win titles. What sort of threat does Arsenal pose to them? 

Nothing. The top clubs beat Arsenal in the standings, and pilfer their best players too. Once Mesut Oil goes, if he does, I might be done. It sucks.  


5.) @JeremyWGR - Does Baker Mayfield hear everything said about him?

Yes, I asked myself this question because no one else did and I was one sports question short. Mayfield keeps receipts. That’s something the kids say a lot to refer to someone that has proof, or evidence, or links/quotes/documents to serve in an argument.

Somehow this story slipped by me.

Baker Mayfield gets off the bus at the Rose Bowl, for the CFP semi-final and he’s got a POSTERBOARD calling out Lee Corso. Corso in August called the Sooners “Pretenders” and five months later Mayfield wants to remember it, and wants everyone else to remember it too. This character trait is going to be polarizing. Is it good? Is it a problem? The reality is that this trait will be treated as he wins or loses. If he’s successful, he’ll be the most fiery competitor in the world. If he flames out, the story will be that he didn’t have the mental toughness to block out the noise.


6.) @TrentTh - What’s your favorite comedy movie of all time?

I think I have to say Dumb and Dumber. When we did the Comedy Movie Draft I had the first pick, and it was my choice. While there are tons of great options and underrated candidates, it has to be Dumb and Dumber.


7.) @dfdtrumpet - Do you think we’ll see Dr. Ford again in Westworld? This season?

Dear God let’s go Westworld! I have no idea what to expect out of season two, but I would bet on Dr. Ford returning. Westworld is probably my favorite television show… ever. I often joke with my wife that the creators of the show took my DNA and plugged it into a computer to come out with the perfect show. It’s plays with time, is a Western, melts your brain with philosophical questions that you can take with you throughout the week. I love Westworld.

Through the run of the show I listened to a couple podcasts. I watched each episode at least twice, and then devoured hours of analysis on it. I never cared whether or not the predictions on what might happen were right or not. I never came away disappointed with the direction the show took. It’s one of those few experiences where I was just totally in for whatever they wanted to do.

Season two? How could it possibly be as good as season one? What if it falls off a cliff? I’m ready for that, but at the same time I hope I can carry that full-on buy-in to season two and just roll with wherever they go. Maybe we all get lucky, and Westworld pulls a Stranger Things… where your second season is even better than your stellar debut.


8.) @roon12 (Rooney) - Biggest Oscar snub, and your nomninees for best picture people have actually seen?

I googled all the movies of 2017 so I could get a refresher on what I might have seen. Apparently I missed almost the entire year. I saw “The Last Jedi” and I wouldn’t say that’s it. Watched both “Dunkirk” and “Get Out” and of those two, I’d choose the latter.

I’m about to watch “Bladerunner 2049”, and just based off what I know about me… that’s going to be it.

So my answer is a movie I haven’t seen yet.


9.) @ZachR704 - You’re at a bar not in Buffalo. You put in an order of wings. They come with RANCH on the side and the bartender says they don’t have blue cheese.  Do you dip in said ranch or eat them as is?

Trick question… I probably wouldn’t order wings outside of Buffalo. I don’t order wings all that much because in my experience there are SO many bad wings out there. I need to know that the place has been vetted by friends, family, or some variation of Yelp. Bad pizza I can deal with. Most bad foods can still be salvaged and eaten. Chicken fingers, sandwiches, burgers… but bad wings are just BAD. So I often play it safe.

However, if the scenario had played out that way… I’d never dip them in ranch. I don’t even partake in blue cheese that often. Ranch is gross in every form on Earth, other than Cool Ranch Doritos. It’s science.


10.) @billyhammjr - Why are your takes always lit?

Because I’m so fresh. This is the most I've ever written for a Tweetbag.


Thanks for the questions!

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