Jason Botterill excited about the prospects

November 24, 2017

The Buffalo Sabres have had a dreadful start to the season. Just 5 wins in 22 games so far this season. Meanwhile down in Rochester, the NCAA, Sweden, etc. the Sabres prospects are having a great start to their seasons. That has Sabres GM Jason Botterill feeling positive about something so far.

Botterill joined Schopp and the Bulldog before the Sabres home game against Edmonton. Here's some of the best from his time with the guys.

On the start to the year for the prospects:
"We're excited about our starts in the minors, especially from the prospects. Our team needs to get better. There's so much hockey to be played. We have to continue to improve our young players, whether it's Jack or Rasmus, they're young players that can improve daily."

On the Amerks hot start:
"It's easier to change at the AHL level. You can change roster quicker. Our coaching staff down there has done an excellent job. There's a real competition down there to get called up. Ullmark has been one of the better goalies in the AHL. We wanted to make sure we kept him in the expansion draft."

On Nylander specifically:
"Nylander adds a whole different level of skill. It'll take him some time to get back in game shape, but we're ecstatic he's back. Still eligible for the World Juniors, that'll be a decision we have to make. Sweden has definitely shown interest, without a doubt we are open to that."

On Jack Eichel's struggles this year:
"Jack isn't taking it for granted. He's taking responsibility. There's frustration, but there's a lot of talk about accountability. What we're looking for is a young player, a leader by example. You look at Crosby, Larry Bird, Tom Brady, there's a work ethic or drive to improve. If we want that consistency, get where we want to go, there has to be more of an internal push from in the team. The accountability comes from the players."

On the state of the game:
"The game is all our responsibility. A lot of dialogue on rule changes. Talking with players on an individual basis, there's a dialogue. I like where the game is right now, not perfect, but the parody right now. A lot of GM's have no clue if they'll be buyers or sellers."


You can hear the entire segment with Botterill below.