As expected, Marrone does his best to not answer questions about his time in Buffalo

January 3, 2018

If you thought Doug Marrone was going to do whatever he could this week to deflect attention away from facing the Buffalo Bills in an AFC Wild Card game, you were right.

Wednesday was the day Marrone had his required conference call with the Buffalo media. Right out of the gate, he was asked if he’s “excited” about facing his former team?

“I’m just excited about coaching our team,” he answered without really answering.

Marrone was the Bills’ head coach in 2013 and 2014. He opted out of his contract at the end of his second season, exercising a clause in his contract that allowed him to do so if there was an ownership change. Terry and Kim Pegula bought the team in September that year following Ralph Wilson’s death.

Many Bills fans resent their former head coach for what they believe was quitting on their team after a 9-7 season and 15-17 overall record.

“I’ve moved on from that,” Marrone said. “It’s been a while ago. They’re where they want to be and I’m where I want to be and we’re getting our team ready. I’m focused on my team and this game. That’s really all my focus is. My focus is not about what’s gone on in my past, whether it be Buffalo or Syracuse or New Orleans or the New York Jets or wherever I may have been.”

Marrone then got a little testy when asked what his plans are for approaching the Pegulas Sunday before the game.

“What do you mean what are my plans are?,” he bit back. “I see them when we go to the owners’ meetings. I have no ill feelings. I’m happy for them.”

When asked what his conversations with the Bills’ owners have been like since he left, Marrone said “it’s only been really just greetings and things of that nature. I mean I don’t really have much contact with them, outside of the owners’ meetings.”

Bills’ fans obviously don’t have much contact with Marrone these days, either. But many are quick to say how much they don’t like him. And this week, he may even be considered Public Enemy No. 1 in Buffalo.

“I don’t think that’s the case,” he said. “I think their team is playing against our team. I don’t feel like that.”

Good deflection.

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