Eric Wood wishes team had done more around Peterman

November 20, 2017

Bills center Eric Wood snapped the ball to a different quarterback in Nathan Peterman this past Sunday, but was back to snapping it to Tyrod Taylor by the start of the 3rd quarter. The big story of the week was Nathan Peterman would start against the Chargers. The big story after is that Peterman had a historically bad performance with 5 first half interceptions. Wood does not yet know who he'll be working with at quarterback next week, at the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Wood made his regular Buffalo Bills Football Monday appearance with Schopp and the Bulldog. Here's some of the best of his time with the guys. 

On Peterman falling apart in the 1st half:
"It was surreal. I didn't envision that happening. He starts 3 for 3, then we get a tipped ball of our own guys' hand, it's a pick. Then the next drive we get backed up, and it's a pick. I wish we had done more around him."

On when he found out Peterman would start:
"We were informed of the decision last Wednesday morning and we got right to work, so there wasn't a lot of time to stew over the decision or debate the decision, we got right to work. Some guys may have felt strongly one way or the other, but there wasn't time to voice that."

On the decision between Peterman and Taylor:
"Those decisions are above my pay grade. I try not to get involved with them. As a player, and as a leader, I need to support whatever decision is made."

On losing in three straight blowouts:
"I like our team a lot still. We haven't shown it the last few weeks, I get it. That team, that scrappy, efficient offense, stingy defense team is in there and just have to get back to that."

You can hear the entire segment with Wood below.