Eric Wood: "We have to be better next year on offense"

January 8, 2018

Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood finally after almost a decade with the team, got to experience an NFL Playoff game. The Bills fell in Jacksonville, to Wood's former head coach Doug Marrone. He also lined up against former teammate Marcell Dareus.

Wood made his final visit of the year with Schopp and the Bulldog on Buffalo Football Monday. Here's some of the best from that visit.


On the pass interference against Kelvin Benjamin
"You don't expect to see a PI called down there, and we got one. Had to settle for a field goal, and in big games against big teams, those missed red-zone opportunities are crucial."

On the offensive performance in Jacksonville:
"We gotta be better next year on offense, we know that. Gotta win individual battles more, play better as a group, and when you get in the redzone against good teams, you gotta score touchdowns."

On the fanbase and Sean McDermott:
"Coming back last night and there being fans at the airport again. This fanbase has truly rallied around this team and we're appreciative of that. This team in particular embodies the Buffalo fanbase, and Buffalo in general maybe more than any other. I think our head coach, it starts with him. Strong work ethic, no ego guy. He embodies what Buffalo is all about."

On the accusations against Richie Incognito:
"It was a chippy game, there was a lot of trash talking. I never heard Richie say anything racist on the field. I know for a fact he didn't say the n-word which is what is being implied. There was a lot of trash talking going on and I didn't hear it and Dion didn't hear it."

You can hear the entire segment with Eric Wood below.