Eric Wood: "We can't let bad calls affect us."

December 26, 2017

The Buffalo Bills are one win, and a little help away from making the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Bills center Eric Wood has been around for almost half of that. Despite losing to New England this past Sunday, the Bills have a shot. 

With Christmas being on a Monday this year, Wood joined the Bulldog on Tuesday afternoon, to talk about the loss to New England and their playoff hopes going into Week 17. Here's some of the best from his visit.

On the reversed Benjamin touchdown:
"I want the calls to be correct. We had 2 tough calls go against us on Sunday, that's why you're hearing Terry Pegula talk about it today. We're not happy about it either, but we can't let it affect us."

On going 0 for 4 in the red zone against New England:
"You need to capitalize on your red zone chances and had we been able to capitalize early, that game could've ultimately been different. When you play the Patriots, you're going to have to score some points."

On the success of the Patriots defensive line:
"They have had turnover up front. They have certain guys that play different situations. They're effective, they have a good scheme. Good at plugging guys in."

On the game being on Christmas Eve:
"Last week didn't quite feel like Christmas week. Most of my energy was on the game, tried to knock out presents earlier. I didn't feel to bad Christmas morning. After breakfast and presents I did go to get a workout in."

You can listen to the entire segment with Wood below.