Duke Williams making noise to be on the opening day roster

August 26, 2019

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - I can’t tell you if Duke Williams is going to make the Bills this season, but I think what he brings to the table is exactly what Buffalo needs.

Williams has done enough in training camp and preseason to have earned playing time with the No. 1 offense in Detroit. Josh Allen never threw a pass his way, but Matt Barkley did and Williams showed his unique skill set.

Williams used his size and strength to reach over the defensive back and score his second touchdown of the preseason. Williams also threw two great blocks to help Frank Gore spring a 27-yard run and to help Devin Singletary score on a nine-yard scamper.

Williams has stayed in his lane since being signed out of the CFL and he said, “It all started with practice, coach gave me an opportunity to make plays and I have been doing that in practice and it’s carried over to the games.” Williams added, “I’m just trying to stay hungry and stay grounded.”

Williams is not a kid that just got out of college. He’s 26-years-old and started with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2017. When Williams found out he was going to get some time with Josh Allen and the starters, he didn’t make too much of it, “It’s football. I don’t try to put no pressure on my shoulders, I just try to go out there and make plays, earn my teammates trust, earn the coaches trust and make the best of my opportunity.”

Despite the way he’s been playing, Williams still may not make this team. He knows that, “I’m not trying to make anything bigger than what it is, I still have this week left to prove to these coaches that I want to be here.”

Allen has watched Williams climb up the ladder every since OTAs started. He said, “It shows character, shows what he is as a person.

“He doesn’t care for all the so called glory, he’s not afraid to go stick his face in and get a block and do all the dirty work that needs to be done, so he’s just one of those players that’s not going to complain much, he’s not going to talk much and when the opportunity presents itself, he’s done it.”

Allen said Mitch Morse participated in 11-on-11 drills in practice. Morse has been in concussion protocol for much of training camp. Allen said, “Having Mitch back is great for us as an offense. The knowledge that he brings, the communication and the leadership that he brings, its fun having him out there again, but there’s still a lot we’re working on out there.”

Even when he was not practicing, Allen and Morse could put a little work in together, especially with snaps, “We’ve been practicing center-quarterback exchange for as long as he’s been out here, even in a red jersey. So, it’s just different types of movements, different types of communication when we’re in there together against live defense and a defense as good as ours.”

Allen of course was asked his opinion on Andrew Luck retiring. He said, “It’s his decision and if he made the right decision for him that’s all that matters really. He was a fun player to watch as a young kid growing up, seeing him at Stanford, being a California kid. Seeing how much passion he played with. He was one of the young stars of this game. It’s sad to see a player that gets injury riddled. You hate to see that. As long as he’s happy with his decision, I think that’s all that matters. It’s sad to see him leave the game, but I’m praying for him and his success in his future life as well.”