Ducks' Miller is happy to be playing at home

February 6, 2018

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550) - Ryan Miller will only be playing his second game in Buffalo since being traded. Miller finished the season in St. Louis after being traded and then went to Vancouver for three years before signing with Anaheim this season.

Miller hasn’t really had a chance to comeback to Buffalo much and with a game in Toronto on Monday, he’ll have no time to visit this time either. Miller said, “I looked at the schedule and saw that it was going to be back-to-back and it would be tough to catchup with some people.

“It’s been so busy ever since the trade happened, I really haven’t had much time here, so I was a little disappointed.”

California is now home for Miller, his wife and his young son. Most players don’t get to play professional hockey at home and Miller is happy he’s getting that chance in Anaheim, “It’s been nice and it’s an opportunity to ease a little of that pressure that comes with the NHL lifestyle.

“We’re gone a lot, we were gone for most of December and we’re gone most of this month and these are times when you miss out on time with your young son and your wife, but it’s made it a little bit easier because our life is in California and it’s not rushing to the airport and trying to make visits packed into four or five days, you just have a little bit more of a life.”

Miller’s son Bodhi is almost three-years-old. Miller said he’s enjoying being a father for the first time, “He’s a little boy now and it’s fun to watch.” Miller said it also pulls at his heartstrings, “When you’re on the road like this, he’s been a little bit mad at me so facetime hasn’t been going so well,” Miller said with a laugh, “It’s been a lot of poor connections with him saying, ‘It’s a poor connection dad’ and then it’s off, so we kind of laugh about it, but it just makes the time where you do get together, you do take advantage of it.”

I’m sure it won’t surprise you, but Bodhi already likes hockey. Dad said, “He loves hockey, he’s into the theater of it all where he’s a forward one second and he’s a goalie the next.

“He parked his scooter outside the kitchen, went to the locker room, got changed and then came out for some hockey, so he’s got the whole thing down.”

Miller has another year left with the Ducks that would take him to 38. He doesn’t know how long he’ll play, “Most of the people I talk to who are retired said, ‘Make them kick you out,' but there’s going to be a balancing point and part of coming to California was getting more family time, so we’ll evaluate things more into next year.

“That was the idea of a two-year deal, was to get two cracks at it and that would be something that I could wrap my head around and say, ‘OK, I’ve had my chances to go and try to be a part of a team that wins.”

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