Dahlin is ready to finally be drafted into the NHL

June 21, 2018

Dallas, TX (WGR 550) - The next time we speak with Rasmus Dahlin, he likely will be a member of the Buffalo Sabres. Dahlin met the media for a final time on Thursday and he said he hasn’t given the moment of being drafted much thought, “I haven’t actually thought about it so much. I’m just trying to enjoy the time here and be with my family and my friends, so tomorrow I’ll think more about it.”

I’ve spoken to many guys who were going to be the first overall pick and they all had dreams about what it would be like. Dahlin said, “It’s just crazy to be here actually, so sometime in the near future, I will think about what I am going.”

The time in Dallas with his family really seems to mean a lot to Dahlin. He said they are why he’s here today, “It’s been awesome, I’m here with them because they’ve helped me a lot and we’re here to do this together.”

Dahlin has visited the city of Buffalo twice since last December and it seems to have made an impression on him, “It was awesome when I was there for the combine. They have great fans, it’s a great city, it’s a small city and I come from a small city, so it’s perfect for me, so we will see what is happening tomorrow.”

In the three times I’ve been around Dahlin, he’s been very calm. Listening to Thursday’s interview, I came away with the same impression. Dahlin said he’s had lots of practice on the big stage, “I’ve been to World Junior and Olympics and there’s media there, so I’m learning every day.”

When things get crazy, must people have their go-to friends. Dahlin said when he needs somebody, it’s easy to find help. “Probably my family, my parents and I don’t find it so hard, so when there’s a problem I just talk to them.”

His parents also have some good advice for him, “They’ve told me to be myself.”

When you talk to any coach or teammate of Dahlin, they all say the same thing. He strives to be better each and every day. Dahlin thinks he has to improve a lot to do well in the NHL, “I have to get better in my overall game and to play at a high level, you have to be stronger.”

There’s one more media availability and that will be Friday morning with general manager Jason Botterill and then at 7:00, the long awaited moment for Sabres fans will be upon us. Join Brian Koziol from the arena at 7:00 as he’ll take you through the first round. I’ll have all the updates from Dallas.