Clayton: The biggest disappointment has been the defense

September 20, 2018

The start of the 2018 season for the Buffalo Bills has not gone as planned.

In the first two games of the year, the Bills have been out-scored 78-23 while also giving up 718 of total offense to the Baltimore Ravens and Los Angeles Chargers combined. In addition to the struggles on both sides of the ball, the Bills have already had to go to rookie quarterback Josh Allen, who took over for Nathan Peterman after Week 1's loss to the Ravens.

Long-time NFL insider John Clayton joined Mike Schopp and the Bulldog for his usual Thursday segment during the regular season. Clayton discussed the struggles of the Bills, the Seahawks (who John covers on game days), and more from across the league.

Here is some of what Clayton had to say on the Bills: 

On what has been the most disappointing aspect of the Bills' first two weeks: 

"You knew things were going to be challenged on offense because of the offensive line changes and a young quarterback that you have to see if he's ready of not ready. But I think the biggest disappointment right now has been the defense, particularly in the secondary." 

On the Bills' poor start and 0-2 record: 

"I think right now, it's pretty bad. But, again, you've seen this happen. Go back to the Chargers last year, they got off to an 0-4 start. Yet they were able to bounce back because of Philip Rivers and a lot of other things and finish up winning nine games out of the last 12. So, it's not a total disaster yet. But, certainly, right now it's a start that's very worrisome." 

On the Bills' defensive woes: 

"It's just baffling because that's the one thing that you thought with Sean McDermott, he can come in there and get things set up. but one of the issues still is 'how are all the pieces fitting together?' Normally, you try to build through the draft and there's only 15 remaining players on the current 53-man roster that are draft choices."

On Vontae Davis retiring at halftime: 

"How do you do that to your teammates? The one who's the most honest... is Lorenzo Alexander. You can see Lorenzo is probably the angriest and probably the most vocal of all the people that were talking and you can see how disappointed he was because he feels betrayed. You're out there trying to battle, you're out there trying to win and here [Davis] is just quitting at halftime and putting on his clothes and leaving." 

"What the problem with it is that you're quitting on your teammates. Here are the guys that you train through camp and all of that stuff, and then you're so selfish that basically what you do is say 'ah, that's it, I'm done, I'm not going to do this anymore' and that disappoints, it baffles. You care only so much about yourself that you're going to quit when you're in there in battle... You negatively affect everybody else on that team because you're one cornerback short of what you need. I don't think anybody should like it. And he can explain it as much as he can, but I thought it was a horrible act by him." 

On Bills head coach Sean McDermott being a leading candidate in Vegas to be the first fired: 

"I don't buy that either. You never want to get into this pattern like the Cleveland Browns where you're firing everybody after two years. That just doesn't get you anywhere. And you saw last year, that Sean McDermott put a different culture on that team that I thought was very positive."

You can hear more from Clayton below: