Chargers at Bills: Sal's keys, notes and stats

September 15, 2018

The Buffalo Bills are 7.5-point underdogs at home Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. That’s a huge number for a road favorite. So, what will they need to do to pull off the upset?

Here are my three keys:

1.) Get LeSean McCoy going

Shady can’t have only seven carries this week. If he does, the Bills are in for another long day. The score in Baltimore got out of hand early and, understandably, Brian Daboll had to ditch the original game plan. But even if things don’t go right early-on this week, it’s still important to keep feeding McCoy and leaning on the run game in order to take some pressure off Allen.

2.) Secondary needs to step up

Last week’s performance by the unit was unacceptable. Too many receivers roaming free. Too many miscommunications. Not enough aggressiveness. All of that needs to change and improve against Philip Rivers, one of the best quarterbacks of this generation.  

3.) Protect, protect, protect

The last time Allen started a game was in the preseason against the Cincinnati Bengals, and he was under pressure all afternoon. Then Nathan Peterman was last week in Baltimore. It’s nice the Bills won’t have Joey Bosa to worry about on the Chargers’ defensive line, but they still need to protect their rookie quarterback far better than they have as a unit overall so far. Even if that means Daboll keeps extra blockers in to max protect, or calls for shorter, quicker throws, Allen needs to be able to get rid of the ball.


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