Bulldog: Now that's a stack!

October 17, 2016

You sick of me writing and talking about the Bills needing to stack wins yet? I sure hope not because what started a couple of weeks ago simply as a way to point out what the Bills would need to do in order to get the attention of their fans has actually become a thing.

A four game winning streak is where we're living people and it feels pretty sweet. Stacking up wins against teams you're favored to easily beat is one way to make the playoffs. Especially if you're not sure how you're going to match up with the better teams on your schedule. That day will come soon enough. Or more specifically, two weeks from now when the Patriots come to town with Tom Brady back on the job and looking good.

We've got some time to get there and no need to rush. One one hand, it is when we might feel like we're really going to find something out about these Bills. On the other, I wouldn't blame you if you're already bracing for a letdown if we get there with a five game stack after next week in Miami. That got a little bit harder looking when the Dolphins upset the Steelers this week.  

For now let's consider this. We just watched the Bills win their fourth straight game by double digits. Ahead by 22 points, the Bills were able to give Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy more than half of the fourth quarter of this one off.  

I for one found it interesting that this game came against the 49ers with Colin Kaepernick playing. The debate about Taylor and the Bills passing game will likely continue until he proves beyond a shadow of a doubt to be worth an awfully lucrative contract extension. What's interesting about Kaepernick being the opposing quarterback Sunday is that Taylor had the sort of day Kaepernick enjoyed while San Francisco was winning playoff game with him as their franchise guy.  

Taylor gave the Bills a handful of nice throws on Sunday and was also very dangerous when he pulled the ball down and ran, either by design or scrambling when pass protection broke down. Couple that with a great day running the football and a strong defense and you've got the San Francisco model of success under former coach Jim Harbaugh down.

Of course the missing ingredient is the one we still have to wait a couple of weeks to add. The Bills showing that they're capable of beating a top team with strong defense, an elite running game, and an opportunistic passing game featuring an elusive running quarterback.

Sure, San Francisco came into the game allowing more rushing yards than all but one other team in the NFL. Miami, the Bills next opponent is worse if you want it. At least they were going into week 6 before the Bills hung more than 300 yards rushing on the 49ers.

300 yards! What was this, Nebraska against Bowling Green? The Bills hadn't rushed for 300 yards since 1992. So no, beating up on San Francisco doesn't mean you can beat the best teams on your schedule playing this way.  But I wouldn't blame you if you started to really think about it being possible.