Bodin: Dahlin was a revelation

June 21, 2018

On Friday, the Buffalo Sabres will make their selection with the first overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft in Dallas, Texas. With that pick, the Sabres are likely to take Swedish defenseman Rasmus Dahlin from the Frölunda Indians of the Swedish Hockey League.

Dahlin has been highly regarded as the best defensive prospect to enter the NHL Draft in several years. Some have considered Dahlin to be the best defensive prospect since Hall of Famer Denis Potvin was taken by the New York Islanders in 1973.

Since the Sabres won the NHL Draft Lottery back on April 28, we have heard from several people around the hockey world on what Dahlin brings to the table and what his future holds for the Sabres and the NHL.

SHL reporter Uffe Bodin of took some time to join Howard and Jeremy on May 11 to talk about Dahlin and his impact on the SHL.

Here is some of what Bodin had to say:

Bodin on his first reactions to see Dahlin play:

"I just remember the first few times seeing him in the SHL as a 16-year-old doing things that you don't see anyone do as a defenseman. Here's a defenseman who dekes the opposing players, goes end-to-end and scores these Bobby Orr goals basically. You don't see that, and I've never seen that covering hockey in my years. It was a revelation, to me, as to the way he played the game and the things he could do at such an early age. I've never seen anything like that, to be honest with you."

Bodin on Dahlin's progression with his game:

"You can see this season he was a bit more physical in his game. He obviously made great strides, and scored 20 points, which is pretty amazing for a player at that age in that division. You can see that he took a lot of steps in the right direction, and he just looked comfortable playing 20 minutes a game against any opponent. His defensive work is a work in progress, but isn't it to any player that age? That will come with time, I'm sure."

Bodin on his 2017-18 hockey year:

"He looked great all season, and just remember he played a lot of hockey. He started in July playing with the Under-20 Swedish team in Plymouth, [Michigan]. From there, it was the Champions Hockey League with Frölunda, then the SHL, then with the [Swedish] Junior National Team in Buffalo, and then it was off to the Olympics. He played a lot of hockey, but still looked really solid right through the year. That speaks volumes."

Bodin on how he will deal with the pressure in Buffalo:

"He's dealt with a lot of pressure already at age 17 and 18. I think when he comes to Buffalo, everybody is going to expect great things from him, but he's been through that and I think he's ready to take on that role because he has dealt with that for the past few years already."

You can listen to Bodin's entire interview below: