The Bills have been run over for two straight games

November 12, 2017

Orchard Park, NY (WGR 550) - After a great 5-2 start, the Bills have been blasted two weeks in a row by the Jets and New Orleans and who knows where this team is going.

Buffalo had 10 days to get ready for the Saints and they looked like a college team against a NFL team.

Both the Jets and the Saints blew the Bills off the line of scrimmage so easily, that is was shocking. New Orleans set a team record with six rushing touchdowns and had 298 yards on 48 carries.

Mark Ingram led the way with 131 yards on 21 carries. Ingram had three touchdowns. Alvin Kamara had 106 yards on 12 carries and a guy that had never carried the ball, Trey Edmunds had 48 yards on nine carries including a 41-yard TD run.

Drew Brees wanted to be included too as he ran one in from seven yards out. The Saints didn’t need much from Brees as he passed for 184 yards.

New Orleans ran up 482 yards on the Bills defense while the Bills managed just 198. Most of those yards came in garbage time when Nate Peterman was in.

Peterman ran two drives and was 7-of-10 for 79 yards and a touchdown. That was Peterman’s first NFL TD pass.

It wasn’t just the defense as Tyrod Taylor was horrendous. Taylor was 9-of-18 for 56 yards. On Buffalo’s first drive of the game, Taylor threw a nice slant pass to his brand new wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin for nine yards.

Benjamin then ran a route to the end zone towering over a much smaller cornerback and Taylor overthrew his giant receiver by a lot.

On third down, he threw way behind Benjamin in what would’ve been a first down. Taylor never targeted Benjamin again.

Peterman found him twice for 33 yards.

LeSean McCoy opened the game with a 36-yard run, but the line got manhandled the rest of the day. McCoy ended with 49 yards overall.

In the overall scheme of things, losing to a NFC team isn’t the end of the world. Buffalo had been undefeated in four home games, but the Saints could be the NFL’s best team with seven straight wins.

I have to admit, I’m embarrassed. All week long I had a really good feeling about this game and thought the Bills would play well at home and win.

Now, they must hit the road for two key AFC matchups in Los Angeles against the Chargers and at Kansas City.

This is the first time Sean McDermott and his staff has faced adversity. As I said after the last two wins, McDermott had convinced his team to play above their talent level. The last two weeks, it’s been more of what I expected when the season started, although I didn’t expect them to be as bad as they were against the Saints.